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iPhone 8 May Introduce Smart Connector For Air Wireless Charger

According to the reports and rumors new Apple smartphone device, iPhone 8 are still 6 months away, leaks and stories creating hypes. The current year has come up with the 10th anniversary of the Apple’s iPhone along with the dramatically improved device. Apple’s new smartphone device will have outstanding new features which may stun the world of smartphones; some of the reports categorically stated that.

Few of Israeli websites verified authorities stated that the Apple’s iPhone 8 is coming up with the connector air wireless charger and along with another sort of accessories such as VR/AR headsets. Apple has initially launched the smart connector in the 12.9 IPad which has the ability to use the connector for accessories like Apple’s external keyboard.

iPhone 8 May Introduce Smart Connector For Air Wireless Charger

The smart connector available in the IPad pro enables to give at the same time data along with power for external accessories and attach them through the magnets. According to few authenticated reports stated that AirPlay and new Apple TV hardware will perform a crucial role in Apple’s AR/VR vision.

The availability of smart connector in new upcoming smartphone device iPhone 8 indicating the possibility that the Apple may introduce the new peripherals for the Apple’s new device such as VR handset or could be smart glasses which provide user fascinating reality experience.

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook stated that in last year, he is very passionate about AR rather than to VR. “ My personal opinion is that the augmented reality is more fascinating, by far than the two, just because it provide the facility to both of us to sit and be very present to communicating with each other, at the same time also have many other things to visualize both of us to see” he added that.

Since last three years Apple’s iPhone lovers are waiting for the change in the typical Apple’s device, now the time has come and there is no more wait. The new iPhone 8 smartphone device is introducing in near future of all-new design along with its new smartphone device. The news, leaks, stories and rumors are creating huge hype that the iPhone 8 will drop Apple’s trademark of its physical home button. The smartphone of Apple may come up with feature a curved display. The larger competitors of Apple, LG G6, and Samsung Galaxy S8 both launching bezel-less edge-to-edge display, that would be imperative for Apple’s iPhone 8 device to adopt suit and reduce the IPhone’s massive top and bottom bezels.

Rumors are also spreading the news that the Apple new device may adopt the OLED screen instead of old IPS LCD in iPhone 8. Furthermore, the iPhone 8 is chasing the strategies of Samsung footsteps and also making the addition of its new feature of Iris Scanner within the iPhone 8 smartphone, which provide users to unlock the latest device with the help of their eyes.

The latest device of Apple iPhone is also coming up with the 3D cameras. A couple of weeks ago, Korea’s respected newspaper stated that the iPhone 8 also coming with the LG’s Innotek dual lens cam at the back.

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