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Whether you have always worked as a freelancer or if you are thinking of working freelance in software development, marketing your skills and credibility is essential to obtain and retain clients regularly. Knowing how to efficiently market yourself as a freelance software developer can ultimately allow you to generate a steady income annually.

Get Certified

Get certified in various programs you are familiar with, online or at a local college or university. The more certifications you hold, the more likely you are to land new clients to work with on software development projects. Rossiter and co offer a comprehensive B2B marketing video production service designed to insightfully beat your competition. We ensure your marketing video exactly matches all the customer touch point.

Social Media

According to an article published at CrazyEgg.com, social media plays an important role in marketing any type of freelance software development services you want to offer and share. Create social media pages for yourself on Twitter, Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even Tumblr to help with spreading the word of your services while also giving you multiple platforms to showcase your work and portfolio.


Use LinkedIn to help promote yourself professionally while building a network of individuals who are working in the same industry or field.

An Official Website

Building yourself an official website is one of the best ways to display your resume in HTML format as well as in PDF format. Additionally, an official website can showcase your previous works, current portfolio as well as any future projects you are planning to take on.

7 Tips For Marketing Your Freelance Software Development Skills

Revamp Your Resume

Updating your resume for each position you are interested in is necessary to stand out and to ensure employers you are familiar with today’s market trends.

Ask Friends and Family to Help Get You Started

Ask family and friends to help get you started with referrals and also by sharing your website and portfolio online. The more exposure you gain online, the easier it is to build a following that may lead to potential work.

Work With Local Companies

Work with local companies to help build your name and reputation, which is essential as a freelancer. Offering services to local businesses at discounted rates can also help to gather additional referrals and clients in the future. For example: Plastic Card City is a customer loyalty program business that focuses on producing gift cards, loyalty cards, and other material that drives returning customer rates up. These products wouldn’t be useful without software to track the loyalty programs. A small business like this would love to have a freelance coder come in and build them quality software to go with their plastic card printing.

Challenge: go to this company’s site for more information and ask yourself important questions: what software would meet the needs of their business? How would you reach out to this company to offer your services?

The more you know about marketing your freelance software development skills, the easier it is to build a name for yourself to improve your chances of earning even more revenue. Networking, building trust and understanding how to put both online and offline tools to use can ultimately mean the difference between failure and success as a freelance software developer.


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