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The tasks of the marketer and the sales professional are undoubtedly the pursuit and acquisition of new customers as well as creating and increasing awareness within targeted market segments. One of the most important tasks and notably a difficult as well, is making customers happy. While considering the lifetime value of our existing customers, are we really doing all that we can to keep them satisfied? It’s more than just giving them products or services they like but also creating an experience that inspires them to return consistently. Customer relationship management is not just a big deal to our profit margins but if you want a sustainable business that realizes a substantial and loyal customer base it is not something to be ignored. It isn’t something that can be achieved passively, either. To keep customers and to keep them happy, you have to be able to work at it or at least dedicate people who can. Now that you know just how integral making customers happy is to more than just your bottom line, let’s take a gander at some things you can begin doing today to make it all happen:

1. Choose marketing strategies that not only promote your products and services but that also give solutions and information. Email marketing is a great medium by which you can achieve this. With original, well written content you can not only persuade but educate existing and potential clients as well. It is also a good way to drive traffic to your website when done properly. iContact is an industry leader in email marketing and you should give them a look up.

2. The truth hurts but then sometimes it doesn’t – either way you should be interested in hearing it. Give your customers a platform through which they can share their thoughts, experiences and opinions about your company and your products or services. Social media connecting is a good way to help customers network with you and other customers as well.

3. Make sure your website has a thorough FAQ section. With proper navigation tools, deep but easily understandable explanations can help customers solve any problems they encounter with your products and services on their own.

4. Reward customer loyalty. Customers always have a choice and if they to stay with you and spend their money with your company; you should not only give them incentive to stay but give them a show of appreciation. Be it an open thank you on their facebook wall, a personalized email or even a discount e-coupon, do something that makes them realize how much you value the choice they have made.

Making customers happy is an evergreen task and it is not always easy. You can’t please everyone all the time, but you can try your best to satisfy the total needs of as many as possible. Don’t expect it to be done overnight but in time both you and your customers will reap mutual benefits. Good luck and keep at it!


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