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Magento has been able to make a big leap in the eCommerce industry with its rich features. When it comes to reliability and functionality, nothing can beat Magento. Magento comes with a strong admin panel which has absolute authority over adding and editing products and contents on the eCommerce store. Apart from that, Magento provides a safe and secure shopping experience to the customers, which makes sure that their private information is safe.

Magento Connect comes with thousands of Magento extensions that you can download and use for your eCommerce store. To help you out, here we have made a list of some best and top class extensions that are quite useful and can play a part to improve the efficiency of your eCommerce store.

Best Seller Extension With Product Ribbons : In order to showcase the best seller products on your store, you need an effective extension like Best Seller extension with Product Ribbons. You can display such products on the right or left sidebar on the homepage of your website. This way the customers will know about the products that have high selling rate and so they may too buy. The main motive behind the extension is to help the customers know which products are popular among the masses and are largely sold by the online store.

Top Magento Extensions You Must Have In Your Armoury

Springbot : For better ROI you need to understand the customer behaviour and for this, you have the extension Springbot. It helps you to generate reports as well gets you analytical data that will help you track customer behaviour on your online store. It provides the facility to analyze the data on the basis of location, age, income and gender, which will eventually pave the way for your future marketing campaigns.

In order to make a profit in your business, it is necessary to know the customer behaviour as well as how they react to the products and content on the web pages. This is what you can achieve with this extension. It helps you to get the report that will help you plan the strategies for your future sales.

One Step Checkout : Now customers can simply fill a form and complete the purchasing process. If you want to keep your customers coming back to you, you must have this extension installed. This extension will help your customer to checkout quickly and save enough time. In short, you will have more sales through hassle-free checkout process.

Yireo TrashCan : Many a time, admin makes a mistake. They delete products from the store by mistake. So to get them back on the store you have an extension Yireo TrashCan. All the deleted items are saved on the recycle bin and you can restore it back with a single mouse click. This can be the ideal choice of those store owners who have impatient and nervous admins. In short, it is a must have extension for every online store.

Google Content API for Shopping : Most of the people go for organic search results to find that online store. So for the same reason, you have this extension. The extension helps the Magento developers to take the eCommerce store on the Google API. This way whenever people search for the site, it will come up in the Google search results. If you want to get SEO benefits for your online store, you must make sure to install this extension on your Magento website.

Follow Up Email : In order to keep in touch with your customers, you need to keep them sending follow up emails. This extension helps you get it done. In short, it is the best in class customer relationship management extension through which you can get in touch with your customers.

Youama Ajax Login and Register : Now your customer can easily login or register from any web page of your online store without reloading it again. This way your customer will spend more time on the online store. You can even enable pop-up login option so that your customer does not have to look for it around.

If you are still to make use of any of these extensions, then it is high time to think about it. You can better hire certified Magento developer if you want to add in the extensions to your online store. Proper Magento extension development will help you to achieve more sales through customer satisfaction.


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