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A Branch Of Mathematics Useful In Our Daily Life

Variety Of Geometries For Versatile Knowledge

We are talking about the term geometry which are very much essential in our daily life. If we go anywhere, whether to buy a house or  a plot or to buy some clothes, then the terminal  geometry comes as we need to deal with some sort of geometry. That is the reason that apart from the video games and all such internet facilities for the young generation, they need to have the knowledge of geometry and that is why they are introduced in many of the school and college syllabus. As everyone is aware of the utmost importance of geometry so many institutions apart from the school studies provides these geometrical concepts to the young guys.

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The Concept Of Geometry From Einstein The Great

The syllabus includes some of the Euclid and Pythagorean theorem and the teachers in these coaching centers make these theorems as the basic study for the students. They then can know about the shapes the angles of certain figures and can solve puzzles related to that. The coaching centers have certain fee structures for these courses, but they are not that much higher so any normal or average students can go for these courses and become so much eligible in the field of geometry. Even there are some of the contemporary geometrical concepts which are nowadays taught to the students so that they become versatile in this particular field. Some of the notable geometrical concepts are as follows:

  • Euclidean Geometry –  This knowledge of geometry is slightly on a higher side as it deals with the computer graphics where geometry are involved. Convex geometry, discrete geometry are also some of them.
  • Differential Geometry –  This concept was introduced by the great Einstein when he was discovering the concept of general relativity and said that the shape of the universe is curved. He took a certain measurement and came to this particular conclusion.
  • Algebraic Geometry –  This geometry is mainly related to the world and algebra and it was known in the 1950’s and 1970’s about certain geometric curves and some geometric surfaces.

History Of Geometry

 Some sketches still exists of the 15th century, which mainly focus on some fine geometry concepts. The Kings then used these concepts and build some of the famous temples, Kingdoms, monuments which are nowadays used as the tourist attraction. Even the geometers of today’s generation are shocked when they read about these kings inventions and at that time how come they got so much ideas as the geometers of the modern world gets confused. The craftsmanship of those Kingdoms or temples are such fabulous which are really attractive. Especially in countries like India many such temples and the famous Taj Mahal was built in the 17th century with such innovative ideas of geometry. The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world because of such delicate design and the superb construction.

Free Online Geometry Tutor

Now coming to the tutor classes free online geometry tutor classes are provided which are really interesting and the students can spend their quality time when they get such knowledge. They can develop and polish their basic geometric concepts.


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