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Cloud server hosting refers to a type of web hosting that is made available to clients through multiple connected servers which make up what is called a “cloud”. While many consider the lack of security and control over data to be the most important drawbacks of cloud server hosting, there is no denying the fact the cloud hosting guarantees greater reliability and scalability, cost-savings and data accessibility.

Cloud server hosting is popularly called cluster server hosting or on-demand hosting because enterprises can avail of computing resources like server space and bandwidth whenever there is a need for them. Most cloud server hosting providers offer the pay-as-you-use model whereby clients end up paying only for the resources they use.

What are the different Types of Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting can be in three forms namely, public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. You can select the model you wish to work with depending on the type of data you handle. In public cloud hosting, service providers make use of the Internet to ensure that enterprises can get their resources.

The public loud helps to achieve economies of scale because there is no capital or operational expenses involved in buying or maintaining servers. The hardware or bandwidth costs are completely managed by the provider. The enterprises are expected to pay according to the resources they use.

The private cloud on the other hand, refers to a data center set-up which caters to a single enterprise exclusively. This explains why the private cloud is more expensive than the public cloud model and is primarily chosen by larger enterprises.

In the hybrid cloud model, companies may enjoy control over an internal cloud and also depend on a public or external cloud at the same time. This model is most beneficial during peak times when part of the sensitive data can be stored in a private cloud while the non-sensitive tasks may be carried out seamlessly in a public cloud.

What benefits can you Enjoy with Cloud Server Hosting?

• When you choose cloud server hosting solutions, you can achieve what is known as the economies of scale because you do not have to purchase or maintain costly hardware or bandwidth for running applications in the cloud.

• Cloud hosting also guarantees effective backup and data recovery provisions so that no data gets lost even if there are sudden power outages or if any single server crashes.

• Cloud hosting guarantees mobility and data accessibility from anywhere in the world, as long as there is Internet connectivity. This helps to improve productivity because employees can now collaborate on documents or edit files, no matter where they are.

• With cloud hosting, you do not have to worry about updating software or managing software, training and recruiting IT staff etc. You can enjoy quick and easy access to data with minimal expenses. It lets you globalize the workforce and streamline processes so that more work is done in far less time and involving far less people.

• Cloud hosting therefore allows you to work within set budgets and complete projects well within deadlines.

These are some of the key benefits of choosing cloud server hosting solutions. You will come across many reputed cloud hosting providers; so, it is important to evaluate their performances before signing up with anyone.

• To begin with, you must first understand your own business requirements. You will definitely not want to spend a lot of money on buying cloud hosting plans if your business could sustain itself with shared hosting. Therefore, it is imperative to prepare a checklist and then decide if you actually need cloud hosting.

• When choosing a provider, it may be a good idea to choose one which gives a free trial offer t its prospective clients. This will help you understand whether the provider is reliable or not

• The provider you choose must guarantee load balancing facility so that there is complete data backup in case any server begins to malfunction and goes offline. This feature will ensure that the load gets directed to the next server that is active.

• The cloud server hosting provider must also be able to guarantee 24×7 technical support and it is important to review their service level agreements before signing up with them.

• The provider should also allow you to scale up your resources whenever there is a demand, to deal with sudden traffic spikes without slowing down. This is why you must review their performance and check for client feedbacks on them

• Finally, in terms of security too, it is important the cloud hosting provider guarantees stringent security measures to ensure that there are no security breaches.
These are some important considerations that will help you make the right choice when you are looking for a dependable and affordable cloud hosting provider.


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