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You may be getting a job for yourself or moving to another company or perhaps applying for a higher position. That is all well and good, but are you prepared for the interview? In case, you are applying for a managerial position, are you sure that you know what kind of questions they are going to ask you? Here is a list of things you should do and say to help you out with the interview.

The Questions

The interview will start with questions about you, your normal life and personal stuff like-

  • Speak a little about yourself.
  • Why should the said company hire you?
  • Why do you think you will be a good manager?
  • Talk a little about your experiences in your past job, etc.

Then it will lead to the more job related questions. These will help the interviewers to find the potential in you and if you are capable of handling the said job.

Tough Managerial Questions To Prepare You For A Job Interview

The Questions can be –

Q – What is your management philosophy?

A – Every good manager has a personal management philosophy and the interviewers expect a good one from you. Make sure to keep your motto a simple and straightforward one. The best ones are the ones that state somehow that, “as long as it is benefiting the company, it is good”.

Q – How do you motivate people that work for you?

A – Here, the best thing you can do is to tell them that the only way you can motivate anyone is by taking the case of a single individual rather than the whole force. You find out what this problem is and try to solve it one by one.

There are going to be several other questions like these. You can try browsing through websites and pages like will be of great help to you.

Tough Managerial Questions To Prepare You For A Job Interview

The Skill

When it comes to managers, it is expected from them to have a set of skills and abilities to help them with their job. Here are those said skills.

Capacity to Execute Hard Decisions

A good manager not only knows to hire the right kind of people for the company to grow, but also must let go of the people, who are not going to benefit the company. If a person cannot be motivated then certainly he does not deserve to be in the organization.

Tough Managerial Questions To Prepare You For A Job Interview

Ability to Understand and Listen

A good manager not only motivates his sub-ordinates, but also listens to their problems and what they have to say. This shows that you are concerned with the company’s well-being as a whole rather than just doing what has to be done. This trait of being able to listen to others shows the interviewers that you can communicate with anyone and understand the problems to overcome them.

Being Active in the Role of a Manager

This can be displayed by taking right actions and going ahead in the projects on your own, if necessary. This will set a good example for the sub-ordinates. The work environment is more productive this way.

With these things in mind and a little more research, you can perform well in the interview.


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