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Managers have always been in charge of employees’ productivity and never more so than during a tough economic time. Supervisors keep their teams on task with organizational systems but should also consider the office itself. The cleanliness of an office has a big impact on productivity. If numbers are lagging, here are suggestions for cleaning up and helping employees boost their productivity.

Purify the air

It’s critical to keep office air fresh and pure so employees don’t spend the bulk of their time sniffling, blowing their noses or calling in sick, especially when allergy season rolls around. Running an air purifier attached to the heating and cooling system is the best way to remove pollutants from the air and keep employees breathing easily at work. Plants also do a great job of purifying air that feels stale and they’re especially effective in a small office. Plants in the palm family are especially effective and make great indoor plants. Plus, the morale boost of seeing something green can boost productivity as well.

Filter the water

Staying hydrated is a critical part of keeping people functioning at their best. It can be difficult to stay hydrated when all there is to drink in the office is soda from the vending machine and tap water from the breakroom sink. One of the best ways to give employees a boost is to provide an abundant supply of clean water in the office. Bottled water is wasteful because of the plastic that’s used in production, coupled with the expense of buying enough water to accommodate each employee’s needs. A better option is installing a Maytag refrigerator water filter and reusable or recyclable cups.

Organize desks

A cluttered workspace can really slow employees down. Equipping everyone with the tools they need to keep their desks clean is a great way to make the office more productive. In many cases, employees have desks that are too small and don’t have enough storage, which makes it difficult to give everything a place and keep an uncluttered work surface. Providing employees with desk organizers and additional drawer units can allow them to clean up their spaces more effectively and be able to focus on the task at hand without being distracted by desk clutter. Organization reduces the amount of time people spend digging for important papers and may even encourage employees to give feng shui a second thought.

Sanitary surfaces

Sick employees really cut into productivity because the rest of the office has to pick up the slack when someone’s out with a cold or the flu. Cleaning door handles, keyboards, surfaces in the kitchen and equipment everyone uses like the photocopier with antibacterial wipes are good places to start. Keeping the clutter and mess from breakroom tables is also important, especially in a busy office where employees have a hard time getting away for lunch. Make sure employees are knowledgeable about proper hand-washing techniques to keep the spread of germs to a minimum.

Fresh scent

Some scents are energizing, some calming and others just plain unpleasant. Choosing the right scent for your office can have a big impact on how employees feel when they walk into work every morning. It’s important to ensure the scent is subtle so it’s not overwhelming or distracting. Citrus, pine, cinnamon and peppermint are some of the top choices. Consider adding a few drops of essential oil to warm water to create a natural air freshener instead of an artificial scent from a chemical spray.

When it’s time for a productivity boost for everyone, give some thought to weekly sessions where everybody can chip in and transform the office into a cleaner space. Take a usual office meeting time and turn it into a cleaning spree so everyone can get their desks organized, change out filters and tidy common areas for a fresh start. Employees will get a much-needed break and productivity will in


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