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Intersystems Cache Jobs

Finding a job is not an issue for the majority of programmers thanks to the rising number of positions available, even during this recession. That being said, not every programming job is the same. Getting a computer science degree gives you the backbone skill you need to get started, but you need specific experience if you plan to pursue a career working with Intersystem’s Cache. Here are a few tips to help you get your programming foot in the door and land the Intersystems Cache jobs of your dreams.

Mind The Resume

Any company that has an opening tends to get flooded with resumes. With such high applicant numbers, you can safely assume that not every résumé will be seen by the person in charge of scheduling interviews. There is no sure-fire way to make sure that your résumé will land you an interview if there are hundreds of applicants to choose from, but you can format your resume in a way that will give you a better chance at being in the review pile as opposed to the throw away pile.

When it comes to hiring programmers, one of the main thing a hiring manager will look at first is the GPA. Why? Not because you were an ace at passing your test, but there were 36 separate professors who weighed your aptitude for programming and scored your work accordingly. Another thing hiring managers look at that is equally important are the technology specific projects that have been worked on by the résumé holder.

We are all aware that programmers are not in the same league as writers, but proofreading your résumé for errors, typos and the correct sentence flow is a big issue. These are simple mistakes that can land even the most brilliant programmer at the bottom of the pile. If you can’t check it yourself, have someone do it for you-the effort can land you that much coveted interview that you have waited for.

Be Intelligent and Able

You have to be smart to become a productive programmer, but how can you be seen as smart without showcasing your skills. There is no way to fake it either, you are smart or you are not that’s about it. Dress well, speak after thinking your responses through, and then follow-up by demonstrating you have what it takes to get the job done.

How do you go about this you wonder? The ability to fully explain your exact role in any projects you worked on is a good start. Also, being able to understand and convey information about the frame-work of the project you worked on also is a good way to prove your aptitude for active programming. Being an entry-level programmer means that there area limited number of projects that you have worked on, but that shouldn’t stop you from showcasing your talent.

Just like starting a blog, a programmer looking at Intersystems Cache jobs should consider joining an open source project, or even starting one of their own. Being an active member of programming forums or sites such as Stack Flow is another way to demonstrate your ability.


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