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A List of 7 Types Of Clients Every Freelancer Should Know!

Being a freelancer means that you control how much you earn. This is why a freelancer needs to educate him/herself on what kind of clients are out there. Also of great importance is how to deal with the difficult clients. This is itself a skill, and is an essential one for freelancers.

A List of 7 Types Of Clients Every Freelancer Should Know!

Below is a list of certain types of clients that you should be able to identify while freelancing:

1) The Confused Client

This is an individual or company who doesn’t really know what guidelines to give you. Even when it gives any instructions, they are so impractical that the project becomes more frustrating than doable. Filter out such offers by having a goal-oriented talk with the client before you commit.

2) Disappearing

We all have that one friend who takes forever to reply to texts or e-mails, or just seems to vanish from the scene. Clients like this should be avoided. The slow follow-ups are red flags that may result in delayed transactions. To deal with such clients, send them an email about some details in the beginning, and see how long it takes to get a reply. If it takes more than a few days without good reason, run!

3) Nitpicking

Clients that warn you beforehand that they have been unsatisfied with several freelancers before you might as well blow a warning whistle. Freelancers are on the whole a serious and hardworking lot; if a client is not satisfied with a whole slew of them, you just might be in for several rewrites, confusing guidelines, and no positive feedback. It’s always better to find out about a potential client’s past records with freelancers. You may be able to research these freelancers. If they seem like professional workers and have no work ethic problems, then you may want to skip this client.

4) Overly Interested

Friendly clients could be a breath of fresh air for freelancers, who may be used to being treated like content-creating machines. However, if a client keeps pestering you unnecessarily, they can prevent you from doing your best work and earning your best. Here, you can bluntly tell them that you don’t have much time, or that you can work as their paid consultant.

5) Overconfident

Such clients would think they know your job better than you, and wouldn’t hesitate to interrupt and frustrate you. Handle these by occasionally accepting their ideas and even praising them a little to gain their trust. However, if they start disrespecting you, then feel free to leave with your dignity intact.

6) On A Budget

This client wants the cheapest work possible, even at the cost of quality. They can mean a quick and easy pay, but make sure to get the monetary offer in solid writing, otherwise they may skimp on your pay.

7) Delegators And Delegates

There are some clients who would know exactly what they want and trust you to get it done. Then there are the people who work for them, who have to consult their superiors on every question. For the latter, prepare for a time lag, and try to compile a list of questions in order to make their work easier. For the former, be honest about everything and don’t make excuses, and you will be rewarded with a lot of appreciation as well as a paycheck!

As a freelancer, time is literally money. You need to be able to decide which clients and which projects are worth such a valuable asset. This is so you can work at full capacity and earn maximum you can, thereby motivating you to do your best in every task.

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