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Being able to add text elements to your photos can help in a lot of ways. It is often used to come up with captions, titles or watermarks that give photos context or accentuate them in other ways. However if you want the text elements that you add to look good it is important that you are able to customize them, and have full control over their appearance.

That is precisely why using Movavi Photo Editor to add text elements is so useful. Not only will it make adding text elements a piece of cake, but it will give you a wide range of options to customize every aspect of its style and appearance. In short you will be able to learn how to add text to a picture and make it look exactly the way that you want.

If you would like to give it a try for yourself, launch Movavi Photo Editor and click ‘Browse for Images’ to add the photo that you want to edit. Once it has loaded, open up the ‘Text’ tab in the upper part of the interface so that the panel containing the tools you need appears on the right.

In the panel you can click on the ‘Add Text’ button to add a text frame to your photo, and can then type in the text that you want to add. As you may have noticed Movavi Photo Editor provides all the options you need to adjust its appearance there too in the ‘Text’ and ‘Background’ subtabs.

The ‘Text’ subtab will let you adjust the appearance of the text including its color, size, justification, character width, and outline, whereas the ‘Background’ subtab will let you change the parameters of the text element background including its color, frame width, and so on.

Another important option is the ‘Add Decorations’ button that you can use to add various types of creative stickers to accompany your text. If and when you’re satisfied you can click ‘Save’ to have Movavi Photo Editor save the photo with the text element that you added.

By placing all the tools you need to add and customize text in a single panel, Movavi Photo Editor makes it easy and convenient to use. The same applies to its other features, regardless of whether you’re enhancing the photo quality, removing objects, touching up portraits, replacing the background, and so on.

Now that you’re able to both add and customize text elements to your photos, you should be able to come up with amazing-looking captions, create posters, or even just add your own watermark to your photos. Be sure to try out the other features in Movavi Photo Editor too, so that you get a feel for their capabilities as well.


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