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Student Room: Effective Decoration Ideas

Moving away from home to pursue a college degree is one of the most exciting and life-changing experiences you are going to have. However, it’s also very stressful and it can oftentimes feel like your home is just a bit too far away for your liking. Here are the best decoration ideas to help you transform your student room into a home away from home

Student Room: Effective Decoration Ideas

Make a custom bookshelf

If you have even an ounce of creativity in you, you should have no problem creating interesting solutions for complex problems, such as book storage. Use an old stepladder coupled with simple wooden planks (which you can paint yourself) to hold your books and don’t forget to decorate it with photos of family, friends, and your dog.

Decorate with lighting

A simple light bulb hanging from the ceiling will not help you enjoy your time spent indoors doing homework and preparing for exams, so make sure you update the lighting to create a cosy reading nook and a warm ambiance throughout. Add string fairy lights to the windows and around the bed, and poke holes in lampshades to create an interesting setting.

Organize your drawers

Are your drawers a mess? Are you constantly looking for matching socks to no avail? The time has come to organize your drawers and storage in general. Instead of simply folding your things before putting them in, use plastic dividers to easily section off portions of your drawer for maximum efficiency.

Student Room: Effective Decoration Ideas

Add a beautiful tapestry

You could go for a cool wallpaper, but what are you going to do when the time comes to move out? And don’t even think about making your own removable wallpaper – it won’t work. Instead, hang a colourful tapestry or a removable Mandala sticker (if yoga is your thing) on a wall to bring a unique flair to the room.

Introduce an area rug

Rugs can completely alter your room, transforming it from a bland setting to a cosy, serene, and intimate oasis. No need to go to a rug emporium, just grab your laptop and buy contemporary rugs online at to bring that cosy vibe to life.

Get themed bed linens and pillowcases

Is Marvel your thing? Or Disney? Or how about Harry Potter? Whoever said that you should let go of your childish self and put grown-up linens and pillowcases on the bed? Nobody, so be sure to put the boring bed sheets in the closet, and replace them with those depicting your favourite fandom.

Student Room: Effective Decoration Ideas

Don’t forget about greenery

In a world dominated by glaring computer and smartphone screens, your eyes deserve to take a break every once in a while. The best thing you can do to introduce some peace and positivity into the room while at the same time elevating the overall aesthetics, is to add various greenery in every corner and on the windowsills. Don’t forget to water regularly.

Decorate the windows

Feeling more creative than that? Good, use watercolours to decorate the windows to your liking and put colourful stickers all across the window frames. Put up some interesting window treatments as well for added intimacy.

Let creativity flow around your work desk

Let’s face it, you are going to spend most of your time in this room studying and sleeping, so might as well make the design as conducive to productivity as possible. Remember, the bed should be off limits when it comes to studying, so make sure your work desk is laden with colourful accents such as plants, photos, various trinkets, and even colourful lanterns draping from the ceiling.

Get organised

Finally, organization will be the key driver of your success, so make sure you have a clear schedule set up that will help you achieve your goals just in time to make it to the party across the hall. Create your own deadline board using a simple cork board, some string, and the power of colour coordination.

It’s not easy being a student in the modern world, and it’s definitely not easy moving away from home into an unfamiliar setting. Fortunately, by introducing these simple decor ideas into your new room, you will have no problem creating your own home away from home.


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