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Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) has estimated that the average set up costs for businesses having no more than 100 members in their workforce will be roughly £12,600 and enterprises with maximum 4 employees would have to shell out £8,900.

On top of that business owners would be liable to pay contributions of 1 per cent of their workers’ qualifying earnings soaring to 3 per cent by Oct-18. Over and above that there is all the additional administration time with reports of up to 33 discrete administration functions needed to carry out every scheme.

Here are a few pieces of advice on auto enrolment to help business owners to cut costs:

Pick Out The Right Scheme

Bear in mind there will likely be considerable difference in charges among the numerous pension providers and their schemes. Charges impact both proprietor and the workers ceaselessly so it is especially imperative to pick out a providers and scheme that offers appropriate features plus that provides the best value. A large number of providers have cut down their charges in recent years. Means employers must look around the market and explore the varied alternatives even if they have a scheme in place.

Prudent Evaluation and Use Of The Rules

There are a host of methods to set up an Auto Enrolment scheme and scores of options in the rules. If you will use these in right way can considerably cut down initial as well as ongoing costs. For instance, picking out the correct contribution rate for every individual worker can have a considerable impact on the monthly cost for proprietors as well as workers. There are gamuts of additional options available so employers must spend some time on understanding the rules and give thought to all of the options prior to setting up the pension. Making changes to the contribution structure once it is set up is next to impossible; so it is critical to get it right first time!

Planned Opt Outs

Auto Enrolment can be a great solution for one employee but the worst solution for another employee. In actual fact it may be rewarding for some employees to pull out of Auto Enrolment entirely! Whether pulling out is the right approach will depend on the particular circumstances of every worker. But where it is favorable to do so, considerable cost savings can be enjoyed for the proprietor as well as the employee.

It’s crucial to take note of the fact that auto enrolment rules prohibit proprietors from giving advice on auto enrolment opt outs. So if an employer wishes to explore this option, it is vital to solicit support of a qualified pensions specialist who has a good experience in dealing with auto enrolment opt outs.

Salary Exchange

One more great way of cutting down costs is to propose a salary exchange arrangement. Through salary exchange both proprietor and worker can make considerable savings by way of reduced national insurance contributions. But bear in mind that if employers wish to propose salary exchange as an option they must provide employees with access to advice.


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