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There are various activities performed as a part of the installation job. We have inquired top ten solar companies and based on the information provided by them, we have compiled a list of tasks that you can expect your solar installer to perform for you.

Thorough Evaluation of your Home

This is the first step which is done before the beginning of installation. Here the solar installer will formulate a comprehensive proposal stating the method in which the system will work. Their proficient will personally visit your house and determine the ideal location for the installation of solar panels. They would make use of advanced machinery and software to create a map that indicates how much sun light the roof of your house receives during the daytime.

Once all the required information is collected, a proposal draft is made that includes: The best location, alignment and mounting angle for the solar panels to utilize maximum sunlight from the most sun.

The size of the solar panel is determined on the basis of the electricity consumption and the degree to which you wish to offset with solar panels. Proposal will also state the models of inverters and solar panels to be installed along with the wiring description. The cost of the entire solar installation includes the cost of equipment and labor.

The amount of rebates and incentives will be deducted from the cost to give you the final cost. Information of the warranty and energy savings will be listed in the proposal.

Receiving Permits

Once the customer approves the proposal, solar installer can proceed with the preparation of the ground for carrying out installation. The installer will work towards receiving essential permits that would grant you the right to perform the installation at your place. This also includes performing the necessary documentation for incentives and rebates. This step can take a couple of months.

Installation Process

Once the permits are received by the solar installation, solar installer can now begin with the actual installation procedure. Though the work of installation requires two to five days, the actual time varies depending on the exterior of the house. Installation activities involve carrying a set of tasks which are specified as below:

Mounting of Solar Panel:

Solar panels are aligned on top of the rafters. Required holes are drilled to mount solar panels. Now the mounts are joined to the roof using bolts.

Placing Metal Flashings

Thin pieces of metal that help in sealing out water are placed above the mounts. Now metal rails are fastened to the posts. Now the solar panels are joined to the metal rails.

Connecting Solar Panel with Inverter

This is the final step wherein the solar panels are joined to the inverter. Now you would be able to get electricity in your home.

Hiring a specialized and reputed solar panel company does not require you to lift a finger during the installation of the solar panel installation. Their experienced team of professionals takes complete care of tiniest detail of the roof and how to utilize it in the best way for the installation process.


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