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Cryptocurrency has been on the rise for some years and it is all about wealth going digital. From NFTs to bitcoins, and from crypto games to mining, the crypto world asks you to dwell in its own wonders. While it is considered a risky business, there are more benefits to the risk ratio for such currency. You may not know much about cryptocurrency, but this article is going to tell you the reasons why the cryptocurrency is a good investment. Make more money using cryptocurrency and invest them in assets as well as some risks as in best online casino games.

Why is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment?

Cryptocurrency is considered a good investment because of many reasons. Some of these reasons are described below so our readers can understand well why it is a good idea to invest in cryptocurrency based on logical reasons. These points are without bias and entail how and why crypto investments are the future key to success for a number of investors.


One big advantage of cryptocurrency is “decentralization” there is no central bank!

No rude bankers and no waiting in lines all your savings, transfers, etc., are one tap away and the best part is it is way more secure and speedy. Cardano – a coin made by the famous Charles Hoskinson can process millions of transactions in a second. Others like Solana and the famous Ethereum 2.0 have similar capabilities. However, Visa and PayPal would break down if their networks were subjected to such conditions.

High Return on Investment

Another advantage is that cryptocurrency in spite of high volatility has given very high returns to those who persisted through the bear markets, people who held bitcoin for about eight years are sitting on millions! Something S&P 500 believers can only dream of.

Better Algorithm

Compared to fiat, crypto has a major strength, they are limited in number (not all) but many like the famous bitcoin are finite and the algorithm behind it is designed to reward its users and protect them against inflation. The US dollar or any fiat has and will lose its buying power as many countries ultimately have to “de-peg from the gold standard.” The reason for it can be further explored in Ray Dalio’s book the Changing World Order.

What Should You Keep in Mind?

However, beginners should be fully aware and learn in detail before investing especially in the wake of the latest FTX exchange scandal and its possible domino effect. The recommended exchange is Binance and we also recommend reading indicators and candlestick charts. Moreover, it is better to buy using the “dollar cost averaging method” rather than going all in.


The basic key is to hold and use bitcoin as an indicator of the overall market. The technology is relatively new and promising and would surely be ubiquitous in the future. Now, you may want to take risks with the money you make, for example, invest them in pokies australia.


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