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Google the giant came up with another application called inbox where you can do almost all gmail things. This application offers the new material design for both the mobile platforms and online inbox application. The new inbox gives whole control over your gmail account, you can sync all gmail account details with new in box. Inbox application offers 15Gb of free storage for your account, this includes your google drive, google+, photo applications so you won’t need to delete the delete the contents to free the space.

All About The New Gmail Inbox

The design of inbox replaces the traditional tabbing mechanism with a sign tab, where you can check all your emails and data with different categorised regions. The new inbox updates you whenever you get a new email or notifications just like the gmail does. To identify the important emails the pinning option becomes handy here. The big pinned options always highlight the pinned emails, so it makes easy to identify the important email in the big tailed list.

As like gmail application, there is no need waiting for viewing the media attachments, the media will instantly viewed on inbox application. Other files received in the email also viewed at an instant, this gives the faster access to the contents in the email unlike the gmail application. You can watch the video right in the email itself with the new inbox support.

All About The New Gmail Inbox

Similar to hang out you can connect to multiple devices and talk to them for free. Using the inbox application you can make the free video calls, shares the pictures, group video calling, live streaming through a channel and connecting with various devices becomes easy and free.

The email composing mechanism also took a change in the inbox application, while in the previous gmail application if you go about composing a new email it blocks the view of the inbox area where your inbox emails can be displayed. But in case of the new inbox, you can compose an email while you keep an eye on inbox emails, this becomes a huge advantage for those who wants to send a reply to previous emails by looking at them.

Previously, if we want to send email in future we have to store it in drafts. By going drafts we can open up the email and we can send it at required time, but in this new inbox, you can find an called snoozing the email, this can allow you take control over at what time you want to send the email to the receiver.

You can also hide the no longer needed messages with the “done” feature introduced in inbox. This can hide the non-important or not required emails from the front page which can show you the latest emails. By simple finger swipes you can categorize the emails, right from the inbox. It is also includes the features like reminders, bundles and the embedded info from the traditional gmail application.


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