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4 Quick Tips to improve your Page Load time

We are the generation of technology and this is one of the reasons why we are insuch a hurry all the time. This applies to everything from shopping to diving andfrom medication to surfing something online.We can’t wait much, especially when there are alternates available.

4 Quick Tips To Improve Your Page Load Time

If we take online surfing in consideration, according to a research, a normal user will wait for more or less 8 seconds and if the website doesn’t show up in the first 8 seconds then he usually switches to some other website and this is why the load timefor any webpage ismore important than ever before.

Google and other search engines also consider page load time as a ranking signal and give better rankings to a website for certain keywords based in this factor. If you have a WP website, you probably are in a safer zone as there are multiple ways and tips you can implement to improve your page load time on site.

Here are some of the things you should consider fixing in your WP website.

Update Everything

There are many content management systems available that you can use but what really makes WP different from others is the quick updated system to fight against SPAM and loopholes in the system. WordPressupdates itself from time to time and so do plugins and Addons.

In order to secure your WP website and load faster, you should update everything onyour website. Make sure that you are using the latest version of WordPress, all plugins are updated and working the way you want and same goes for plugin.

Don’t use Old Plugins and Add-ons

This is with reference to the first point, the idea is not to use any plugin, addon or theme that is outdated or didn’t have an updated version for a long period of time.

Old themes and plugins are one of the strong sources of inviting SPAM on the website which later leads to slowing down your website load speed and more. Try to pick and use only the recommended themes and plugins in order to avoid any problem.

Using Cache Plugin

This is one of the most common tips you will read everywhere but unfortunately there are very few people who are actually using this. Cache plugins like WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache allow websites to load faster than usual and as a result you see more people not only coming to your website butthey also continue their journey with the website.

Cache Plugins are important for your websites as it has a direct impact on your conversions.

Switching the Hosting Company

It is common knowledgethat having a good hosting company is important for every business website present today and this is mainly because without it you might lose your targeted audience. There are several other reasons why you absolutely must have a great hosting company for your website because without it you might lose your search engine rankings against your desired key phrases. Plus it has a strong impact on your page load time.

Check your current hosting company and see if you are with a good company and in-case you need a good hosting you can always read reviews and decide accordingly.

There are lots of other optimization tactics that you can use to improve your page load time for your WP website but these are few of the importantones. If you think there is any other important tactics that one can use to improve their WP website’s page load time please share it in the comment section.


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