The Problems with Traditional Fireplaces
I’ll agree that traditional fireplaces are warm and cozy. But will you describe them as classy if you were to analyze them closely and critically? Well, not really. Same goes for traditional patio heater. So what could be the reasons for this assertion? Well, let’s see. To begin with, there’s the fact old-school fireplaces produce a lot of smoke. Depending on the wood one might be using the smoke might be quite a lot and even though the chimney does a great job of getting rid of the smoke, one might still find it uncomfortable. Many people complain about sore eyes and throat after prolonged use of such fireplaces in their homes. Moreover, you may even find wood splints on your floor. Flying sparks might also be a problem one will have to deal with. Soot will also be a major problem. I’m sure that like me, you’ll just hate cleaning the soot in the morning. This soot might even block the chimney’s passage after some time. So while a traditional fireplace may give you the warmth, it also gives you a lot of hassles.

The Alternative
Thankfully, alternatives to such fireplaces have come to the forefront during the last few years. One can now take a step further and instead invest in something a bit classier and that does not need so much maintenance. Ethanol fireplaces and patio heaters promise to do just the same. Not only are they virtually maintenance-free, they also come in beautiful designs which at times can be so aesthetically appealing that you might mistake them for art objects. They defy the rule that all a fireplace should do is to give warmth. With the use of such fireplaces, you will that they can also be things of beauty and elegance. Most such fireplace are portable and you need to confine them to just your living room. There are no smokes to worry you, no soot to wipe out, no chimneys to clean, and no teary eyes. Just perfect warmth as you sit down and relax. You may read a book, listen to music, play board games, or watch a movie as these ethanol fireplaces give you warmth and protect you from the winter chill.

Aesthetic Appeal
Once one buys a suitable ethanol fireplace, he can simply take it home and install it without any problems. No extra plumbing or construction will be required. It can be easily installed on the floor, wall or even in a regular fireplace. The user is the one who need to decide where it will have the best effect. And then you can let this fireplace do the wonders for you. It can easily transform a normally dull room into a more beautiful one and give it a more welcoming effect. You feel simply drawn to the room. It also lends a stylish touch to the whole hose, especially when one buys beautifully designed fireplaces that complement one’s home design. And what’s more? You also do something good by contributing to the cause of saving the environment as these fireplaces do not produce smoke. At  you get the best in class outdoor heaters.


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