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Following any accident, whether it is an accident at work or while cycling on the road, there may follow an investigation of sorts by any number of parties. If you were injured and suffered loss as a result of that accident, and you want to claim compensation to meet the costs of your loss, then that investigation may well be undertaken by you and your solicitor to help determine who was at fault, and to prove it to the courts.

Doing so may mean that you receive compensation that you badly need in order to be able to carry on with your life. If you are unable to work, have to pay for bike repairs, and you need to pay for ongoing care, then it would leave you seriously out of pocket, unless you claim compensation. Why should you be the one to pay for your suffering, when it was somebody else that caused it?

The person was at fault may not have taken action that directly led to the accident, but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t at fault. If a driver hits you from the side because they didn’t allow enough room when passing, then this is a direct action that caused the accident, but what if a road was left poorly maintained, and a cracked or broken road surface caused your wheel to jam so that you were thrown off the bike. The highway authority may not have set out to cause the accident, and they may not have directly caused the damage to the road, but their inaction meant that the road was left to reach this state of ruin.

Negligence can be proven, in much the same way as fault can be proven, and it can have the same bearing on a compensation claim too. If the court agrees that the other party was guilty of causing the accident through their negligence or inaction, then they will usually find that that party has to pay a fair compensation figure for your loss.

It is not only the responsibility of your solicitor to prove fault or negligence, however, and it is down to them to calculate how much of a loss you have and will suffer as a result of the accident. They should consult with medical professionals, as well as your own medical records, in order to determine how long you will be away from work, for example. You may lose money as a result of lost earnings, and this is just one portion of the costs that can be accrued following a bicycle accident – your solicitor should consider them all, and use these figures to come up with an appropriate figure.

Using an experienced and skilled solicitor, then, is important, because it will help ensure that you have a greater chance of a successful claim. It will also mean that you are treated with the professionalism that you deserve, and that you are kept abreast of the situation and how it is developing at all times throughout the process.

Carry On Cycling are a team of experienced personal accident solicitors, and are also keen cyclists. They will not only help build a case and determine a fair compensation figure, but they will be able to help with the aftermath of your accident to ensure that you are back on your feet, and back in the saddle, as soon as possible. Call them on 0333 777 3280 to discuss your case today.


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