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Android Apps For Searching Real Estate Properties It seemed like the real estate industry missed the start of Android apps. While banks, insurance companies and the financial world generally started to develop their own Android applications, the real estate agents neglected this world for a long time. Well, we are not saying that real estate agents can’t use their phone. On the contrary, they are using it a lot, for organizing time, for reading emails and news. However, the real estate agencies “forgot” to invest in this new marketing opportunity.

Even if the start was missed, some good applications appeared. Well, many of those could be improved, but it is certain that real estate agencies want to penetrate the mobile also. The applications presented here can be useful both for agents, but also for their clients, buyers or sellers. One case study we looked at was trying to find homes for sale in Ajax using a mobile device.

1. Zillow Real Estate and Rentals

A simple application that allows you to find real estates for sale across the United States, and free evaluation of any area. This is great for its users, as the agents can’t “inflict” prices artificially. When your agent says that “this is the price of the area”, you can quickly check if this is true. The estimations are made on statistical data, and they can’t be influenced or affected by anyone.

2. HotPads Rentals and Real Estate

This application offers rental options as no other. It has an analyzing feature for local trends, so you could identify the best time to buy…or sell. As a seller, if you see the prices dropping in your area, maybe you should wait for those to go up. If you are a buyer, this application might convince you to take the decision faster, if you see the prices going down. This tool is also useful for agents, in order for those to establish a fair price of real estates. For example if you are trying to Sell your house or condo in Newmarket Ontario you can definitely use this app to compare some prices.

3. Trulia for Android (also available for iPad)

Trulia has a simple and effective filtering method, allowing you to see all the options available in your area, and to determine if this is the right time to buy or sell. Home search stays on top of other applications, so it is great for agents that are always “on the run”.

4. Sotherby’s International Realty

Maybe your clients renounced the idea of buying a beautiful home in Aurora Ontario, but maybe you can attract them with a vacation rental villa for this summer? Sotherby’s offers agents the possibility to search real estates all over the world, and to contact their representatives and agencies. It is a complete application that would probably change the entire world of real estates, by offering more transparency and fairer prices.

5. Rocky Geiser Real Estate

This application has an index feature, great for agents that like to use technology in their work. It follows their evolution, and it can also be connected to a newsfeed of the real estate world.

Some of those applications come with some interesting ideas, and agents that are able to adopt it will probably have success in the market. With those applications, it is possible to find real estates a lot easier, and to understand the market better.


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