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Apple iPad At Its Assistive Best - 5 Expert Technologies To Aid YouYou see amongst all other purposes that the Apple iPad is known to serve, there’s also the fact that it proves apt as an assistive technology. The iPad after all happens to be a fabulous learning tool. You see, for more than 20 years Apple has been dedicated towards providing new and innovative solutions and that too for people who’ve got disabilities. This assistive technology is for them so that they can help these people access as well as enjoy using them.


5 Unique Assistive Technologies Provided by Apple

Enlisted below are 5 unique assistive technologies that is provided by the Apple iPad.

  1. The Guided Access:
  2. This is a special assistive technology that’d prove beneficial for students with autism or those who’ve got other attention and sensory challenges. Guided Access helps such students stay on task. Through the right application wandering taps and gestures won’t distract them from learning.

  1. The Dictation Technology:
  2. This one’s for students who’re suffering from dyslexia or any other print disabilities. They generally find it easier to speak a thought rather than type it out. With the help of Dictation they can reply to emails or make a note or even search the web only by using their voice.

  1. The Safari Reader:
  2. This is for those students who find navigation of the web to be a sensory overload. For them there’s Safari Reader which goes on to reduce visual clutter by removing distractions from a webpage. It’s known to strip away ads, buttons as well as navigation bars and thus allow students to focus better on just the particular content they want.

  1. The Photo Booth:
  2. This one’s an assistive technology for those students who’re struggling with personal interaction. Photo Booth actually enables students to take and share snapshots thus giving them another way to communicate. It helps these students to see their own face on the screen so that they can begin communicating.

  1. The Siri Technology:
  2. For all those students who find typing to be a challenge, there’s Siri. Siri happens to Apple’s built-in personal assistant and helps students do things that they generally do everyday. All it does is ask. Moreover, Siri also goes on to help those who find it difficult to organize. This technology then schedules activities and sets reminders essentially.

With so much happening on the Apple iPad front there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pick one up to help overcome the difficulties you’ve so long faced.


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