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How To Make Your Mac Faster

Constantly that rotating beach ball in the picture or do you have to wait minutes before your Mac is finally started? Of course no one is waiting for that! But did you know that making your Mac faster is not that difficult at all? Here we give you five tips to ensure that your Mac is a lot faster.

Close Programs

How To Make Your Mac Faster

Do you use many programs just like us in one day? Then check whether you close them completely. Every program you use takes up part of the Mac’s working capacity. The moment you do not close programs properly, your Mac will get a bit slower. Making a Mac faster starts with closing apps or programs that you do not use!

More Working Memory

How To Make Your Mac Faster

Have you had your iMac or MacBook a little longer? Maybe it’s time for a simple upgrade! Placing more RAM in your Mac is a good way to give it more power. More working memory gives the computer more work capacity. For heavier programs such as Photoshop or Adobe Premiere, a minimum working memory of 8GB is recommended. Making a Mac faster is done with more memory!

Clean it up!

How To Make Your Mac Faster

Did you know that a full desktop affects the speed of your Mac? Hereby! The moment your entire desktop is full of programs, photos and files, the Mac needs more time at startup. This is because he has to read all shortcuts and files. So make sure you keep your desktop clean and your Mac starts up faster. In addition, it also provides more peace in your work environment.

From Ford to Ferrari

Nowadays in every Apple computer you buy contain a Solid State Drive (SSD) as a storage device. An SSD is a lot faster than a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) that was used free of charge. Do you have an older copy, but you want to make your Macbook faster? You can replace the HDD for an SSD. The newer type of disc is up to twelve times faster than the HDD and also a lot more reliable. The drive is less susceptible to crash because no rotating parts are used. Smart!


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