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Well if anyone thinks that any technology has reached its saturation point and has growth in just a silos of its own, guess they are always up for some bumpy ride. One need to ask the right questions and lo and behold will get the answers. If those answers were to be answered by some person who has good exposure in the subject then that ‘d well save you a dime of your time trying to figure out the best possible answer. That’s what the latest acquisition of Google “Aardvark” does. Finds the right person to answer your question. The question asked though must meet some kind of predefined format.

In the paper presented recently at the WWW2010 conference by the Aardvark team titled “The Analogy of a Large-scale Social Search engine” the authors advocate about the differences in the traditional “Library type” of search as opposed to the “Village search” they are advocating. This new approach is both refreshing as well as prompts fresh innovation.

The query entered must be a bit long as what was understood and must contain the generic archetypal Q types. For instance, when “How do Clouds Form” was entered the following message popped up.

Oops – that doesn’t look like a question!
Please try again… Just write your question as a plain English sentence, like you would to a friend.

After which the query “Which is the coolest place to hang out in California” did return some positive message along with a sign up box. Google has added the social search to its array of products and hopes to add new underpinnings to this new search strategy.

Pros and Cons:


While the accuracy of search can be debated upon, but still some real expert will be answering your queries so this saves you the hassle of finding the right answer.
If the question asked is a pre-registered one then you will have the accurate answer in a single go.


The credibility of the person answering your question has to be proven, guess that answers the question for that mandatory signing up.
If the question is new one or not in the database it might well take a while to get the reply.

P & C’s aside, the social search was indeed around for quite sometime with the likes of Yahoo! Answers and many other group forums ready to answer subject specific questions through the self declared SMEs. But with the Varkers’ acquisition by Google new things may well add up or a bit of the social search and many more advanced features may well get rubbed off on the parent search.

While the quid pro quo was always there and will be there, what’s need to be seen is how will this in Vark’s own lingo Varkwardly effect us the users.

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