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Apps For Real Estate Agents

While for years real estate agents have been working in the realty business without the aid of any technology, the recent emergence of real estate apps for phones and tablets has improved their efficiency and ability to effectively help their clients. And from programs that list and locate specific listings, to those that quickly scan necessary documents, these apps can be greatly beneficial to anyone working in the market. Here is a list of the best apps that will help any real estate agent each day in the field.

Apps For Real Estate Agents


As a real estate agent, it is common to deal with clients that have a good image in their minds of the home that they want, yet have no idea what it might cost. Often times this image of the perfect home comes from something that already exists in the neighborhood.

HomeSnap is perfect for this situation: this app lets you send in a picture of any home you see, and will match your photo with a specific listing in the database. With only a photo you can receive information on size, price, and any other pertinent details, and quickly pass it along to your curious client.

Mortgage Calculator

A free download for most tablets and smartphones, this is a must-have for any agent working in the real estate business. With this app, you can quickly calculate mortgage payments and amortization, and the app includes PMI as well as a calculator based on debt-to-income. While this is all possible with a regular calculator, this app makes the whole process quick and painless. Definitely handy for whipping up facts and figures on the spot.

Open House Manager

With so much on your plate already, it can be relatively difficult to keep track of all of the open houses that you need to attend. Instead of leaving it up to a wall calendar, download Open House Manager to make everything easier. This great real estate app keeps all of your pending open house events in one convenient area, and can help in the future as well–you can have potential buyers sign in with Open House Manager upon arriving at the property, giving you a list of names and contact information that you can use when following up later.


As a real estate agent, you are required to constantly scan in documents to your computer that remain pertinent to the potential sale of a home. But instead of having to run to the office each time you get a new piece of paper, CamScanner allows you to immediately scan the items into your phone, streamlining the entire process.


Another must-have app for any current real estate agent, CamCard scans in the information from any business cards that you receive and documents the listing directly into your contacts. Gone are the days with a wallet stuffed with business cards thanks to this extremely convenient app for your smartphone or tablet.

Get Help with Real Estate Apps

With proper and efficient use, smartphone and tablet apps can greatly help your career as a contemporary real estate agent. Hopefully this list of some of the best current applications will help you out as you work each day.


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