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Apps That Will Help You Run Your Budget

The budgeting apps are really important to modern people and it doesn’t matter, whether you prefer using cash, card, or check.
Here’s a list of apps that will help you become more effective financially.


This app is one of the simplest out there. Its interface is catching your eye from the first second. Beautiful icons, modern design, simplicity in usage put this app on our list. The app also comes with a built-in calculator, so you don’t have to switch between the app and the default calculator anymore.

The Student Loan Hero Dashboard

This is an in-browser app, which means it’s usable on every device with the Internet connection. This app helps you create a plan for paying off your loan. You can get notifications about payday loan online same day online! The app also has a lot of great features in it. To check it out, you simply need to register on the website and manage your loans online!


If you want to have a pure mobile experience, you should check out The Prism App. It allows you to check your bills, loans, and keep everything in order. Millions of people are using it, so you can trust this app. Nice interface is going to help you find every function you need. No need to use the reminders on your phone anymore, Prism will do it for you!

My Finances

Do you need an app that features just the budget keeping functions, and nothing extra? My Finances were created exactly for such needs. The statistics are also really useful. Do you want to see if your spendings are a little off this month? My Finances is here for you with the last statistics. The app’s rating is one of the highest on the market, so you should totally try it out!

Money Lover

This is one of the most aesthetic apps on our list. This program will help you to manage your expenses. A great feature that you will not see in the other apps is a limit. You don’t need to memorize if you’ve spent too much on food in the restaurant last night. Money Lover will do it for you. Just set up a limit for food, and the app will tell you when you can go out and have a great meal, or when to have a pizza, and save some money for other things. The interface includes simple diagrams, which will help you understand everything. The app is also protected with the bank level security, so nobody is going to mess up your finances. A nice bonus is a function to make a picture of a receipt, and it will automatically put it in as an expense.


Have you been dreaming of an app that syncs with your bank, and allows you to see all of your expenses in the nice sorted categories? Then The Wallet app is for you. Set your goal and save up for something with the budgeting feature. And, of course, the reports are there for you to see your expenses. Want your family to synchronize the budget? You’ve got this feature here – share your expenses with the family, and be aware of all the spendings your children have made!

We hope this list helped you to choose the app to manage your finances. There are a lot of new apps with great new features, that aren’t covered here. So go ahead, and check them out.


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