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Alcohol breathalyzer is a very useful device to prevent drink and drive accidents. It is also widely used in organizations to prevent industrial accidents which might result due to alcohol intake in the workplace or coming drunk at work. With time alcohol breathalyzer has become compact and stylish. It can be easily carried in the car tool box or with your keys.

Potable breathalyzer – the device that comes with many uses

A portable breathalyzer can easily fit in pocket and can be carried anywhere. It consists of a display which would reflect the result of the test, nozzles to breath and the device itself, which will contain the photocells to record the test changes. It can be used randomly at office, industrial centers and manufacturing plants. It is designed in such a way that it can withstand extreme temperature variations. Many of the breathalyzer has multiple nozzles so that it can be used and shared with family members, friends and colleagues. The tester can breathe in and the electronic screen will reflect the result within a few seconds.

Beautifully designed breathalyzer

The best manufacturers and suppliers of portable alcohol breathalyzer, all over Australia, ensure that the device is designed by the most skilled engineers and it passes the entire required test before releasing in the market. A single device can be used a multiple number of times before servicing. The kit usually contains battery, user manual, hand strap and an additional nozzle. With keeping the requirement and the popularity of the device, the manufacturers have gone quite very creative. Bright and colorful breathalyzers are designed, which can be a perfect gift for any loved one.  The smart look and compact size ensures that the device is not left back at home.

The benefits

Using portable breathalyzers has made the work of police simpler to certain extent. Timely detection helps in preventing many fatal accidents that might happen otherwise. Every year a large number of deaths occur as the drivers are drunk. And these devices help prevent such fatal cases. Also, breathalyzers have equally contributed in the work place. A lot of indiscipline, absenteeism and industrial injuries can result from a drunken employee, however with proper detection; necessary steps can be taken to prevent such incidents. On personal level, it is also very helpful; the driver can easily test the alcohol level, before they can jump in and start driving. The results are trustworthy and accurate and can be obtained in no time.

Recent upgrade in the product

In recent time, the manufacturers have gone extra mile in creating the smart alcohol breathalyzer. It can be used in charging mobile, tabs and smartphones. It can work as a smart power banks as it can be carried anywhere easily. Industrial breathalyzers do have inbuilt blue tooth and connectivity to wireless printers. The results of test taken can be easily stored and if required the built-in memory can be extended easily with external memory cards. The results can be easily printed and can be used for future analysis. Interestingly enough, smart breathalyzers allow setting email alerts to know when the next test should be scheduled. Meetings can be planned to set up and schedule regular testing for the employees.

Portable breathalyzers are an excellent tech device to check and ensure personal safety and industrial discipline and prevent any injury that might arise out of alcohol. It is a must have for anyone; the affordable prices make it affordable for an irregular drinker too. This compact, stylish portable breathalyzers are available online and you can directly contact the friendly helpline numbers, who will be happy to help.


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