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Explaining something is a fine art, especially for a corporate body. Such ‘explaining’ has to be:

  • Succinct, lucid and clear.
  • Capable of promoting brand awareness, albeit, in a non-‘salesy’ manner.
  • Interesting – even if it is a long explanation and
  • Non-condescending too, especially when talking to customers.

If that sounds like a big ask, then take heart from the fact that you have professional video production companies such as Creature Productions who will listen to your brief and then produce an explainer video that meets all your needs.

Why should you go in for explainer videos?

As the term denotes, explainer videos are all about informing people and detailing certain concepts or pieces of information pertaining to:

  • Product use.
  • The brand voice.
  • Learning a subject at school and so on.

So as a business owner, it is indeed useful to invest time and money in explainer videos because they can help in many different ways.

How do they work?

When you hire a professional video production company for your explainer videos, you can enjoy a great product that will never get boring! The company will get all details from you in the pre-production stage and this will help them come up with explainer videos that can come in different formats too:

  • Animation.
  • Interviews.
  • Humorous or serious videos.
  • Whiteboard use.
  • Storytelling mode and so on.

Displaying company statistics

Statistics, numbers and figures do tell a story. But this story can be made even more interesting with the use of animation videos. Why stick with boring pie charts and graphs when you can make them animated? That will certainly engage the audience – accountants, customers, business partners, ‘non-financial’ people and employees across all departments and so on.

Search engine rankings

One of the big components of search engine optimization is a dynamic website. Your website will find greater visibility when it has different kinds of content. Instead of having boring images, why not include videos too? A customer is more likely to make an instant purchase when he or she has watched an interesting video that has a link to your website.

Marketing support

An explainer video can amp up your marketing strategy by leaps and bounds. Such a video can have all relevant information presented in just a few minutes, with fabulous graphics, animation and even a quote or two by all the head honchos of your business. It gives a brand the ability to get into personal touch with customers in a meaningful manner.


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