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Themed birthdays are a big rage with each theme better than and more exciting than the other ones. And planning a themed birthday party for your kid is equally interesting and exciting. The more diverse the themes, the more creative the planning!

Be Creative while Deciding on the Theme

Themes vary from as diverse as a royal banquet, a bouncing bash, a carnival, a rainbow or cartoon to a Cinderella, a fairy party, an under construction party or a sports party. There are tons of themes to decide from; all you need is to go creative and know your child’s preference. It must be not forgotten that the birthday is for the little one and the theme must be decided with his or her preference, likes and tastes in mind.

Go Creative with Birthday Invitation

Once the theme is decided, you can focus on birthday invitation. Nowadays, in the times of customisation, birthday invitation can also be designed as per the particular theme. For example, you can choose trampolines and bouncy balls for a bouncing bash or shimmery castles and crowns for a fairytale theme or rainbows for a colourful rainbow party or trucks and helmets for a ‘under construction’ themed party.

To help with choosing your party invitations, there are many Australian kids birthday invitations online suppliers, who provide amazing and beautifully designed invitations at reasonable cost. The birthday invites can even be personalised with pictures of the kid along with prints and designs in keeping with the theme. A birthday invite should be carefully planned and designed in keeping with the birthday theme as it sets the mood for the rest of the party and gives the guests an idea of what is in store.

What’s Next?

With the theme and invite design out of the way, the next is the venue and the decorations. A garden or an open space would be ideal for a fairytale or builder themed celebration with mini replicas of castles, mini crowns and cranes plus small helmets respectively incorporated in the decor. The outdoor space could be decorated as per the theme including the table arrangements and the games for the kids too. Similarly, a carnival theme can have colourful banners and blue-red canopies or sunflowers and daisies for a summer themed outdoors party.

The indoors can be ideal for cartoon themed or Lego world or book party themes. Symbolic design elements of various themes can be carried forward to the food too for an added fun factor. For instance, a rainbow cake or mud pies or fruit wands for the corresponding rainbow, under construction and princess themes would add an extra dimension to the party. The treats and return gifts too can be arranged in accordance with the party theme.

Planning a perfect birthday party for kids is exciting with numerous options for themes. However, what is important is to make the celebrations special for the little ones which they will fondly remember for years and appreciate the love showered on them along with the efforts of the parents. Themed birthday parties are a great way of telling the kids how special they and their likings are to the parents. So, plan your little one’s birthday party and make your child realise his or her importance to your life.


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