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Best Gadgets For Health and Fitness Lovers

With the holiday season fast approaching there are plenty of gadgets for everyone on the market. There’s even something for that health conscience friend or relative who loves to workout.  Get them a gadget that accompanies their smart phone or computer and improve their health and fitness goals next year.

We have a list of six gadgets that help with just about every fitness issue imaginable.  Sure, traditional health methods to boost energy and lose weight work just fine, but wouldn’t the entire process be much more fun with a gadget?!

1. FitBit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband

This sleek wrist band syncs to an app that helps you track your food intake and activity, steps walked, calories burned, how well you are sleeping, and wakes you with a silent alarm. The online app lets you track your progress, mark your goals, and stay connected through social media so that you can keep motivated towards your goals.

Best Gadgets For Health and Fitness Lovers

2. FitBit Aria

A wifi powered scale that connects to the FitBit app. This scale helps to track your BMI, weight, and body fat percentage. This scale is different from other scales because it gives you an overall picture of your health, not just the arbitrary number of pounds that you weigh. You can set reasonable goals for your weight and watch your progress through the application online.

3. HapiFork 

You may have heard that you should chew your food slowly for many different reasons, but research shows that chewing your food slower helps you to feel full faster. The HapiFork helps to show how fast you eat; when you are eating too fast, it lights up and vibrates letting you know. There is an online Dashboard that tracks your information from the gadget and makes your goals achievable in a fun way by letting you add pictures, stay connected to other Hapi Product users, and score points for challenges.

4. Citrus Zinger

Water is important for everyone at every stage of fitness. Not everyone likes to drink water, as they prefer sugary drinks to a seemingly tasteless drink. With the Citrus Zinger you can put healthy fruit like lemons in the bottle and slowly infuse this into your water so that you get the water that your body needs and the flavor that you want. An added bonus is the health benefits from citrus fruits for your body, like lemon, speeding up your metabolism.

5. Hydra Coach Intelligent Water Bottle

This water bottle tracks the amount of water that you intake daily and helps you to know how much you need to consume. There is an online app that helps to track your intake and helps you with creating a fluid intake plan based on your needs and fitness levels.

6. Jawbone UP

This bracelet tracks your sleep activity, your movements, reminds you to move after 15 minutes of inactivity, has silent alarms to wake you up, the battery lasts ten days before it needs to be recharged, and it is water proof. You can also challenge other Jawbone Up users so that you have to step up your exercise and fitness.

These six gadgets are unique and will be great gifts both separately and together for the health and fitness geek in your life. These gadgets will dazzle this season and you may even want a few for yourself.


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