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The past 5 years have shown a vast change in the technology used for effective education. Introduction to tablets has put the technology into the future hands in a way unmatched in the years before. The smart use of tablet technology has grown so quickly in part as they are portable and easy to use.

Thousands of educational apps get piled to Google Apps corner. But the real challenge is finding the most appropriate one for you .Students will undoubtedly benefit a lot by using these tablets as they can be used anywhere, anytime based on their convenience. Particularly ,for students who prepare for exams like UPSC ,CAT ,etc. The UPSC syllabus is so vast that the student might need constant revision of all portions . For this , a handy tablet will help a lot . Similar is the case with the CAT syllabus . Explore your educational app and see if it incorporates the below given features or not.

Easy to use:

The effective learning apps are mostly engaging and grasped by students as fun. Students can easily get connected to their mentors just with a tap. This enables easy and instant learning with a host of innovative features.

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One-on-One Sessions:

With the best use of power and ease of tablet technology, students can now go for one-on-one session for better understanding of topics. Make sure to cover all the chapters so that no doubt goes unanswered and no topic goes uncleared. If, while studying for UPSC Mains or the UPSC Prelims, a doubt comes to your mind and you want to have a sitting with your teacher to clear it. One-on-one sessions will help the student a lot to obtain better understanding of the concepts.

Personalized Learning:

Rich-media content overcomes the big challenge of keeping students interested. This helps in enhancing student’s ability through excellent content, creating an active and involved learning environment.

Interactive: Enjoy multiple possibilities for personalization and interactivity. Secondary graders can easily participate in different learning activities to enhance their knowledge.

One Touch report:

With just a tap, Track real time progress and get a detailed feedback on your performance. This helps in getting students close to their capability and learning efforts they put.

Experience the world’s most advanced and futuristic tablet based smart classes of Byju’s just with a tap. The transformed educational system brings several assured benefits in boosting their learning skills and knowledge. Explore a box full of interesting features, yet the most affordable learning technique in the market.


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