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For many of us who work in an office setting, having a good pair of headphones is just as vital to our abilities to work efficiently as having a computer. Office chatter and white noise can be distracting. We even have those days where the simple sound of a coughing neighbor can trigger a nerve. Finding the right headphones can make all the difference. But finding a set that offers the features we need without breaking the bank can be a challenge. After careful research this article has produced a single recommendation for the best headset on the market for under $150.

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How to shop for headphones
Before delving into the product, knowing what you are looking for in a set of headphones is important. You don’t want to overpay for features you will never use, but you don’t want to skimp on components that will make your headphones more useful in the office. Start by asking yourself what you will use them for, aside from listening to music. For example, will they be connected to an iPhone you use for taking business calls? If so having a microphone feature will make them more functional. You will also want to check consumer reviews on multiple sites to see how they met the needs of other shoppers like you. But all in all there are three main points that buyers should look for in a set of headphones: sound-quality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

Scull Candy S6AVFM-158 Aviator Headphones
These headphones offer everything in style, comfort and sound. The supreme sound delvers an assault of bass while maintaining natural vocals and precision highs. If you like classical music these headphones don’t disappoint. Just as they are monsters on bass, they offer fluent listening in fine tones produced by stringed instruments and the piano. The Mic3 offers complete control of any IOS device, and offers quick transfer times from listening to music to taking phone calls. The device is well made too. Its soft leather memory foam ear pillows provide comfort that lasts all day long. Furthermore, the headphones are built from high-grade materials to ensure durability. The headphones boast a sleek design with no harsh lines making it look like a prop from a science fiction film. For some strange reason certain colors are more expensive than others. The sleek low-profile white retails at average of $120 while the black model is an additional $25.

Don’t get crazy with the volume
We have all heard that expression “if it’s too loud you’re too old”, but whoever said that is probably using a hearing aid by now. The threat of hearing loss can happen when suddenly being exposed to a loud sound, or it can happen gradually over time from listening to loud music. If you invest in quality headphones, you can enjoy a good thumping bass level without having to crank up the volume and run the risk of damaging your ears.


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