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Best Printers For College Students

Students attending college are typically required to do various kinds of assignments. For instance, there are brief reaction papers, medium-length papers, and lengthy term papers. Thus, in order to keep up with the demands of college, it is not only necessary to have excellent computers, it is also necessary to have good quality printers. Granted, getting quality printers is not always the easiest thing to do because the printers that students purchase must be small enough to fit on a small desk in a dorm room. In addition, due to the fact that students usually have very limited income, printers must be affordably priced. The following are a few cost-effective small printers that are well suited for students.

The HP LaserJet Pro P1102

This very reasonably priced monochrome printer has a number of features that will appeal to college students. It is an aesthetically pleasing printer with excellent print quality and can print 19 pages a minute. It also has a 100-sheet output tray and a 100-sheet input tray. The necessity to re-install or uninstall drivers is a potential roadblock that owners of this printer might face. But there are a number of additional things this printer has to offer. For example, there is a high-speed USB 2.0 port with Wi-Fi and there are 3 LED indicator lights that have 2 buttons.

Best Printers For College Students

Samsung Printer Xpress SL-M28525DW Wireless (Monochrome Printer)

When you purchase it, this printer will come with a power chord, USB 2.0 cable, driver software CD, installation guide, and a warranty card. The beauty of this printer is that it is wireless and can print from your tablet computer or mobile phone. It is a small, affordably priced, excellent printer that is very simple to set up.

The HP DeskJet One Thousand

Admittedly Hewlett Packard (HP) has fallen from its previous perch at the top of the computer/printer industry. Nonetheless, the HP printers are still of sufficient quality to meet the needs of most college students. For example, the compact, inexpensive HP DeskJet One Thousand printer has the following useful features: wired connectivity USB 2.0, easy and fast installation, 25-sheet output trays and 6 sheet input trays, instant shutdown capacity, and the capacity to print either color documents or black and white documents. This printer is not perfect; for example, when you purchase it, there is no USB chord. But it is easy to carry around wherever you go, it has excellent print quality, and it comes with a two-year replacement plan.

The Brother HL 227 DW

This printer might be slightly more expensive than other printers but it packs a punch. It weighs approximately 15 pounds, so it is sized so that you could potentially move it around fairly easily. It is not fancy, but it does print fast, and let’s face it, fast printing is important, particularly in college when you are doing those last-minute print jobs right before class. Another strength of this printer is that the printer is very strong and will last a long time. For instance, although a typical college student isn’t going to print several thousand pages, this printer will actually print up to several thousand pages monthly.

Things to Keep in Mind

Regardless of what type of printer you get, it is recommended that you get whatever warranty is offered with the printer. The cost will vary. Also, sometimes the warranty will be for one year while other times the warranty could be for two years or longer. Keep this in mind when considering which printer to purchase.


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