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We have all heard the expression “time is money”, and when it comes to conducting business this saying is engraved in stone. When employees are on the clock and are not utilizing time during work hours to conduct business-related activities, they are ultimately stealing from their employer. However, thanks to Mobistealth, employers can increase productivity by ensuring that employees are not wasting company time and dollars by engaging in non-work related online activities.

Big Brother Improving Productivity in the Workplace
A solution to the problem
In some cases companies can simply block sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube from being accessed on company computers. However, as social media marketing is such a huge vital platform to ensuring business growth, it may be necessary for employees to have access to such sites. Having the technology to know how employees are using social media will help businesses boost efficiency tremendously.
Think about it: if an employ is venturing into his personal Facebook account a few times a day, it may not seem like a big concern. But “a few times a day” can easily add up to 15-20 minutes of “playing around online”. That equals a total waste of roughly 100 paid hours a week. And if you have one employee doing this, you can bet that many more are doing it too. Multiple online sources make factual arguments stating that Facebook costs US employers money—nearly $28,000,000,000. There are other articles that address Facebook as being an addiction, and clearly it bleeds into the workplace and takes money from the trusting employer.

How do these systems work?
These systems record everything. Employee monitoring software systems log all keys pressed and programs launched and display the data in easy-to-read text format. These systems even log special key combinations giving businesses records of everything viewed and typed by employees, as well as time durations.
Employers can even grab live screenshots of any employee’s computer screen and watch their computer in real time. Not only can this feature be used to confirm suspected misuse of company time, it can be used for quality control. Company monitors can view the activities and notes being passed into clipboards and word processing programs. If an employee is taking too much time to do a task, or if they are documenting lots of unnecessary content, they can be immediately trained and corrected.

A good insurance policy
If an employee is caught misusing the Internet to the point that he/she faces termination, having a good monitoring program will help employers arm themselves in the event they are being sued for wrongful termination or for benefits. In some cases a company is not required to utilize insurance to pay for unemployment benefits if the employee was terminated for compliance issues. By having a computer monitoring system businesses can supply the court with concrete proof and logs of data showing that the employee was violating compliance rules that they signed to uphold in their employment contract.

A wise investment
By investing in some monitoring software for the office, businesses can save thousands of dollars a year and help increase productivity at the same time. The fact that the investment is so minimal yet offers a huge return truly makes software packages like these a real no-brainer for any business.



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