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Effective Tips For Developing A Successful Website

It is quite easy to just stick with the beauty aspect of the website but in order to make a good brand name with the website, it is important to focus on some essential factors of the site which does not always depend upon how the website looks.

You can categorize such factors into brand awareness, brand image, lead generation and others. Let’s face the fact that there are billions of website in the competition. You need extraordinary efforts to top this game. The website design should be totally dependent upon more than a single factor. Firstly, It should be optimized for the usability. Secondly, the user can easily navigate through the website making them revisit it again and again.

In order to fulfill these two factors, some tips and tricks are mentioned below.

1. Simplicity is the key-

It cannot be denied that the feel and look of the website are unimportant. But, there are some much more essential things that need attention during the website development. The visitors to your website are more interested in knowing the potential of your site and the products or service you provide through your website. They either want action or some valuable information.

Adding unnecessary design elements having absolutely zero functional purpose will only waste the time of your traffic. You clearly cannot afford that. Also, you need to focus on some small aspects like-

  • Colors– Even if you love colours, the developers and experts often suggest not to use more than 4 colours when it comes to your website design.
  • Graphics– If certain graphic helps a user to perform a function then you can go for it but just to make your website look good, do not add unwanted elements.
  • Typefaces– It should be clear and readable. Use few colours here. It is generally advised to use maximum three typefaces of different sizes. Not more than that.

2. Hierarchy of website elements

Visual hierarchy is an important component where the website elements are organized in such a way that the traffic can get attracted to the important stuff first naturally without wasting much of their time. The action must be performed by the visitors, not in a boring way. They must enjoy what they are performing.

Adjust the colour, size and position of the elements so that the site can be structured in such a way that the traffic can focus on them.

3. Easy navigation

It is essential to make the visitor comfortable. It must not get hard for them to find what they are looking for. Easy navigation is important for the valuable customers to visit the website again and again. In an ideal way, the customer must not feel lost. Moving from one page to other must be easy for them.

4. Tips to optimize the website for smooth navigation

  • The primary navigation must be kept easy and simple. Also place them close to the top of the web page.
  • Do not forget to place the navigation near the footer too.
  • It is essential to make use of breadcrumbs on the web pages except for the homepage. This will make people aware of the navigation trail.
  • The top of your website must contain a search box.
  • There must be limited options for navigation on the page.
  • You can include the links on your page and the sources of the links must be made clear.

5. Keep the stuff on the website consistent

It is important to keep the navigation of the website consistent. Also, do not keep changing the overall look of the web pages as it can have a negative effect on the usability.

While these tips are going to help you greatly, practical efforts like gathering feedback, user testing and changes made in the way will prove fruitful for the website.


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