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One of the most amazing Turkey best tourist attractions is the Blue Mosque that was built between the year 1609 and the year 1616. The Sultan Ahmed is quite impressive not only from inside but also from outside with its six minarets just like the ones at the Great Mosque of Mecca. Several tombs that include that of the founder in the Ottoman Empire can be found here. The other tombs here include that of Murat and Osman who were the sons of the Sultan and that of Kosem Sultan who was his wife. A Sultan Resting Mansion where the Sultan rests before and after prayers, a Turkish bath, a hospital, rental rooms, a madrasa, a fountain and a Mekteb-I Sibyan are the other features of the Blue Mosque. For gifts and souvenirs, you can head to the back of the museum where there are shops and the Mosaic Museum selling such products. The place is called Arasta.

With its over 20,000 Iznik blue tiles that have given it its unofficial name and about 260 windows lighting it, the mosque has managed to attract millions of visitors to the city thus becoming one of the 5 best places to see in Istanbul. To attest how popular the mosque has become, some of the well known leaders have visited it including a former president of the United States, Bill Clinton.As you take a tour of the Sultanahmet Camii, you will not only be fascinated by its beauty, but also by its history which includes some fascinating legends. The constructor, Sedefkar Mehmet Aga, had been ordered by Sultan 1. Ahmet to use gold to make the minarets but instead decided to build the six minarets not only because there was not enough money, but also as a way of making it unique. Today, the mosque that is still being used for prayers is the only six minaret mosque in the country and among the few ones in the world.

For the most breathtaking and memorable view of the Blue Mosque, as you visit .you will find out that you access it from its western side known as the Hippodrome a heavy gateway made of iron which is also used by non-Muslims. Since the mosque is still used for the five daily prayers, visitors cannot tour the mosque as it is closed for about 30 minutes every time there is an ongoing prayer. Only worshippers can use the main entrance at the Sultanahmet Park. The courtyard of the Aya Sofya is actually the largest of the Ottoman mosques as it measures the same size with the interior of the mosque. One of the most interesting times to visit the fascinating mosque is during a summer evening when you get a complete different view of the multicolored marvel. You also get to listen to some interesting stories that come in different languages so that you can hear it in the language that you prefer. Get more fun by trying to count the thousands of tiles.


Blue Mosque

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