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Buying a set of hi-fi speakers was much easier back in the day. All you had to do was walk up to your local tech store and ask for a set of speakers. Along with the set of speakers, would get a tape deck, a turntable or an amplifier. Now, the whole concept has changed. You can modify the system to meet your needs, and even the set of speakers is optional.

Many people end up spending a great deal of money on a set of hi-fi speakers. The question is, do you really need to spend all that much? There are many things that you should keep in mind when buying a set of hi-fi speakers. Here are a few:

Buying Hi-Fi Speakers- What You Should Keep In Mind


The first thing that you should focus on is the impedance. The impedance is measured in ohms. If you have a separate amplifier at home, make sure that the impedance of the speaker matches the output of your amplifier. You don’t need to have a degree in electronics to know this. All you need to do is take a look at the back of the amplifier.

A reading will usually be given there. However, most audiophiles believe that you should use a speaker with greater impedance than is mentioned on the amplifier. So, if the maximum is 16 ohms, you should consider getting a speaker that has an impedance of 18 ohms. On the other hand, avoid connecting a speaker that has a lower impedance than specified. Your amplifier may be exposed to a risk of overloading.


The most common speaker designs include the acoustic suspension, the reflex and the transmission line. You need to decide which design is most convenient for you. Acoustic suspension speakers, on the other hand, have no ports. Transmission line speakers contain long ducts inside which open up in a port. These ports are located at the front and at the back. Each speaker design has its own benefits and disadvantages.

Before you make a purchase, do ask the manufacturer or supplier about the best option. For instance, if you are buying hi-fi speakers from AVR, you can simply ask them about the pros and cons of each design. It will give you an idea of whether the speaker set is a good choice or not.

Most people think that the quality of a speaker system is determined by its price. The more they pay for it, the better the quality. That is just not true. Sometimes, you can get a really good set of speakers at a very affordable price. These are just some of the many things that you should keep in mind when buying a set of hi-fi speakers. The finish of the speaker cabinet also plays a major role.


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