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Slam is a completely new technology which Nokia is going to use for its two new devices the price of which is $62. The name of the two Models is Nokia Asha 205 and 206. These are the first two devices in which the Slam is used. This technology will help to share contents of media and social features very quick with another device. This technology will work with most of the handsets which have Bluetooth.

NokiaThere is no need to pair the devices through Bluetooth to take any kind of media content. In fact, there is no necessity for both the devices to have the new Slam technology to share these contents. Therefore this new technology will help to share various contents faster than the devices which have only Bluetooth. There is no need to consume the data from the internet in this case.

The Vice President of Nokia mobile phones Mr. Timo Toikkanen said, “These two new devices are very attractive in looks, color and design. However, the thing which is making this website extremely special is the new technology of Slam which will help the users to share the media contents easily. In both these models the users will get a wonderful experience while using the internet. They will get the quality for sure what they expect from Nokia.”

It is quite easy to use this new technology of Nokia. If you have to use the technology Slam, you have to first chose the option ‘Send’ and then you have to choose the option ‘Slam’. After choosing this option, it will quickly find out the nearest Bluetooth enables devices and after your selection within a very short time the data will be transferred.

Now a day, it is quite a common thing with the young boys and girls that they share various songs, videos, movies and games from one device to another. It was first done by the help of Bluetooth and Infrared. However, the speed of Bluetooth was not very fast. This new technology ‘Slam’ will surely make it faster to share or transfer data.

However, except these two models, this latest technology will not be found in the other iOS devices or the devices which contains Windows 8 at the moment. However, Nokia is expecting the success of this new technology and if it actually happens, this technology is surely going to be found in the other devices also.

Except this technology, these two new models will offer Twitter, Facebook, eBuddy and 40 free games from EA Sports. In fact, there will be a separate button for using Facebook. Actually, with the use of Facebook, the users will be able to use the ‘Slam’ technology in a better way for sure. They will be able to share the media contents which they will get in the social networking sites with one another.

This new device is going to come into the market in the end of that year. After the release of these new two devices, the mobile users will be acquainted with this new ‘Slam’ technology.


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