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Careers In Creative Advertising

Are you confused about a career path or you are a student of mass communication or advertising? Creative advertising is an outstanding career for individuals who like to think out of the box and do not wish to spend a monotonous life in the corporate world. If you are new to the field, you may visit a creative advertising blog to enhance your knowledge about the industry.

Careers In Creative Advertising

Life in creative advertising is quite thrilling, unlike most other careers as you may be asked to watch cartoons as a part of brain storming. However, before you opt for this field, you need to remember that it does not offer you simple 9 to 5 hours; in fact, the timings are very flexible and you may well be required to work for additional hours to meet the deadlines. There are a number of sub-fields in the world of creative advertising, which are discussed below, and you can choose one according to your personal aptitude and preferences.


The account manager in the field of creative advertising serves as an integral link between the client and the agency. The manager communicates with the client and takes information about what the client is looking for. He then communicates the message to the agency so that effective advertising material is developed. Media planning is one of the most important tasks of the manager as he has to book advertising space in print and electronic media for the client. A manager has to be a presentable and confident individual as he would be often asked to deliver presentations.

Web Marketing

Marketing over the internet is a crucial aspect of modern day advertising. Life in the current world has become so fast that people do not get enough time to go through newspapers in detail. Therefore, having a webmaster is a must for every advertising agency so that the products and services are efficiently promoted on different websites.


Production is surely the department where creativity is tested. If you are a creative individual then this is just the perfect field for you. Writers and editors are responsible for creating the content of the ad for all the mediums of communication like radio, TV, newspapers etc. Once the copy is ready, graphic designers and the visual team focuses on the production of the Ad.

Production is without doubt the backbone of any creative advertising agency and these are the people who generate the revenue. Hence, every creative agency wants to have creative and talented individuals in their production team.

Freelance Positions

Freelance work has become a norm in the world of advertising. If an agency does not require the services of a writer or a web designer on permanent basis, they will opt to hire a team of freelancers and pay them for the project instead of a basic salary.     


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