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Do you wish to start your own personal website or blog?  Using a WordPress account, it’s totally free and quite easy to create your very own professional blog site and that too a quality one.

Heres the first part in a series on how to create your own professional blog site. Certainly we are not trying to talk about some ordinary looking blog from Blogger or other sites, but rather creating a quality blog you can publish and present to majority of readers online.

One of the most popular platform for creating blog is WordPress, powering thousands of high-profile and good quality websites and blogs all over the world.  It has both characteristics of power and ease of use, which serves great purpose whether you’re just a beginner or a real blogging pro. To get started with your blogging project WordPress is absolutely free, you can make use of the online interface or directly install the WordPress software on your own server and start blogging from there.

Lets get started:

It will just take few minutes to start a blog. Head over to the WordPress site ( and sign up on the site. Enter your username and password and also make sure you agree with the legal terms of the site. Then select “gimme a blog” bullet which would be presented on the site and then click next.

Now you have to choose a domain for your blog, this would be the address of your site which cannot be changed later so be wise in choosing one. Heres an example how a site would be named, suppose you wish to put your name as your site address than the site name would appear as

On signing up a confirmation  email will be send to you.  Once you click the link and confirm your registration you can go ahead and enter in your name and a short bio about yourself which will aid the readers to know more about the writer of the blog.

Now you can check how your blog looks by visiting the site directly but surely it would be boring without the pictures and content uploaded to the blog so now we will see how to setup a good blog with quality content.

Firstly login to your WordPress account here you will see recent posts and comments, and also stats of number of people visited your site.  You can access all your blog settings and tools directly from this page. So when you are ready to post contents into your blog you can click on the post link on the left and then click “add new”  if you want to add a new post into your blog or click edit link to edit one of your previous posts in the blog.

You can also add pictures and videos into your blog by clicking on the “upload/insert” link. WordPress provides you with storage space of up to 3Gb. You cannot upload direct videos into the blog since it would require you to pay for the service but you can copy video links from sites like YouTube which is a free service in WordPress.

Make sure you keep your blog up to date because that is what will keep your blog viewers interested in your site.

Hope this helps and one last thing happy blogging!


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