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Wood pellet machine is used to create fuel pellet out of straw, wood flour, sawdust and cornstalk. These materials are used as an alternative to gas, coal and wood. Whether you are looking to fuel a fireplace, gasifier or a boiler, a wood pellet machine is something you will need. With so many environment and energy issues today, switching to biomass briquette fuel sounds like a good option.

Renewable energy and biomass development are making a strong impact in the development of green energy. Forest waste is not the only option for biomass fuel, agricultural residues became a good source of material for wood pellet. And so, manufacturers have focused on creating effective and efficient wood pellet machines that could make use of wood and agricultural waste.

These versatile machines can solve a lot of problems as they can handle biomass fuel that has crude fibers. Almost any biomass can be turned to a pellet, if you have the right machine that is. Not all of them are the same and you need to look for a manufacturer that makes powerful machines, those that can perform at maximum capacity at all times and that can handle all kinds of biomass.

One of the best wood pellet machine manufacturers in China is KMEC. This company provides complete range of pellet machines and their mill plants include crushing, sifting, mixing, drying, dedusting, packaging and so on. The machines they build are easy to operate, perform well under all conditions and are easy to maintain. It’s also important to say that everything is completely automated – feeding doesn’t require manual control at all. Variable speed motor and variable frequency make sure that everything the machine is operating perfectly, no matter what. And at the end of the process, the pellet is automatically weighted so there is no need for manual control at all.

When you are looking to choose the right wood pellet machine, you have to make sure the components that the machine is using are made of high quality materials. You also want to use a machine that has the main drive which has high accuracy gears. This will help with the output and the lifespan of the machine.

Another thing your wood pellet machine manufacturer should do is use the feeder that has variable speed motor and variable frequency. This, together with the boost pump lubrication and the overload protection will help you make pellets of high quality. And this is what helps the machine to function at optimum speed, no matter if the feeding is carried out manually or automatically.

Many manufacturers will save on the materials, but you should avoid wood pellet machines that are not made with stainless steel. Feeder, chute and conditioner will last a lot longer if the manufacturer makes them out of steel. Ultimately, this will save you money, although it will make the machine a bit more expensive in the start. If you find a manufacturer that is using an international manufacturing techniques, you should start negotiating with them first.


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