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A mobile phone is a very personal thing, and it is fundamentally a part of us, because we all keep a great part of our day to day information in a mobile phone, and, and our lives revolve around our cell phones in more ways than one.

Now, there are a number of ways in which our mobile phones can be tracked, and this is how it works, in different methods-

Through The Usage Of GPS- One of the easiest and most widespread ways of tracking a mobile phone is by using GPS, or the Global Positioning System, and the orbiting satellites. In order for a phone to be tracked, you need to ensure that a phone is switched on. If it is switched off, it does not work. This does not mean that you need to be performing any functions with your phone; it just needs to be switched on. The GPS system works using a triangulation method. This is how it works. The placement or location of the phone is narrowed down between two known landmarks. The GPS satellites pinpoint the location of the phone on a given plane, in relation to the known particular landmarks, by using the GNSS, or the Global Navigation Satellite System. As and when the GPS satellites send signals to the phone, the GPS monitors pick up the location of the phone. But when there is a strong signal, then only you can track the accurate location of the phone. Otherwise, you get to know the approx location of the phone, when there are weak signals.

By Using A Modem- Another very simple way to track mobile phones is by using a modem. A modem can be installed in a mobile phone, and it can be programmed in such a way that it works as a mobile phone itself, so that it can send text messages, or SMS. Now, this modem has its own specific number. And when you call or text on this particular modem’s phone number, the modem will answer back via a text message or SMS, and this will contain the location of the mobile phone in which the modem is installed. Getting this modem installed on your cell phone is an easy task, and you can do it yourself, or get a tracing company or the mobile phone company to install it for you.

By Approaching Cell Phone Tracing Service Providers- Online cell phone tracking providers are also very good sources to track a cell phone and get to know all the information related to the user of the phone. What they do is, they make use of online reverse directory service providers, and access all the information central to a particular cell phone or number. You can get to know the previous and current geographic locations of the phone, the owner’s own relatives, all known addresses, the type of line, etc. And all this is done not by using any Wi-Fi network, or taking help from GPS systems.

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