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Pros and Cons Of Installing House Burglar Alarm On Your Own

Home security alarms can be the best investment that one can make to raise the security levels of their homes. However, the costs of these alarms are fairly high. Added to it, the cost of installation further ups the expense. To save on the cost of installation, a number of homeowners choose to install home alarms themselves. The following article talks about the pros and cons of taking up home alarm installation as a DIY project. Read on to know.

Considering installing a security alarm in your home on your own? You should measure the pros and cons well before taking the plunge, so that you don’t end up regretting the decision later. After all, home alarm systems don’t come cheap and by doing the installation yourself, you’re taking certain risks to save the installation charges.

We all look for cheap burglar alarm systems when it comes to choosing alarm systems for our homes but when the installation charges are added to it, the entire investment becomes fairly high. This is why most homeowners tend to consider doing it on their own. While wireless monitored alarm systems majorly come into the category of cheap house alarms are easy to install by any homeowner, wired home alarm systems are comparatively pricier and more complicated to install on one’s own.

Installing Home Security System on your Own


  • It saves your installation charges – Home security system installation is fairly expensive which is why choosing to install the system on your own can save the money that you would otherwise have to pay to professional installers.
  • Gives you the best training about the system – Installing the alarm system exposes you to the way the alarm system works and thereby gives you the best training that one can get on using it in the best manner possible.
  • Uninstalling and carrying it somewhere else becomes easy – Since you’re the one who has installed the system, uninstalling and moving it, as and when you relocate will be easy.


  • High risk of faulty installation – Not having any prior experience in installing a home security alarm and merely relying on the setup guide may increase the risks of a faulty installation. A faulty installation would defeat the purpose of having a security alarm because of not being able to work properly.
  • Time investing significant amounts of time and energy – Understanding the system, its parts and how it functions is very important before proceeding with the installation. This involves dedicating significant amounts of time which can be a problem, especially for those having a busy schedule.

All said and done, the choice of installing a home security alarm all by yourself is completely a personal choice. It’s however recommended that the pros and cons be weighed well in advance to avoid wasting time, energy and money. If you’re confident you can do it yourself; go for it!

Have you installed a home security alarm on your own for your home? How was the experience? Feel free to share them with us and other readers through the comments section below.


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