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1The decision of archiving the project files and data through cloud archiving has multiplied tremendously over the past few years. Earlier, archive environment merged itself appropriately in preserving records, handling hierarchies and storage of discs.

Archiving was significantly more expensive because people had to pay upfront for swapping traditional technology and the learning curve of new tools. Businesses had to buy more discs or hard drives for storing data, which was very expensive than tapes. Even if stored in secured facility there was a risk of losing access to it easily.

How Cloud Computing Works?

A cloud computing is a web-based service that hosts all the programs your business needs. This remote equipment is owned by the provider, who administers everything from word processing to sending emails to intricate data analysis programs. This process is called ‘cloud computing’, which is capable of revolutionizing the computer industry.

In cloud computing system, there is an obvious transference of workload. The local computers do not have to deal with heavy operation of applications. These are handled by the cloud network providers. Therefore, the software and hardware demand decreases on your side. You just need to install the cloud network provider’s interface software. It is very simple to set up and use. The rest is taken care of by the cloud network providers.

For example, you must have an e-mail account on the internet. The storage and software for your account is not installed on your PC but is on the network providers cloud.

How Cloud Storage Solutions Save Money?

1.The beauty of adapting cloud computing services is that you do not have to appoint IT team to install, update, and manage your computer network. All this is done by the cloud vendor.

2.You do not have to purchase software licenses.

3.You can customize the necessary applications for economical prices.

4.Free your in-house hardware system by storing files and folders on the cloud thus space can be used for other purposes.

5.The cloud computing software includes an API that is compatible to integrate other applications.

6.Updating is done automatically, so time and money are saved.

7.Cloud computing helps to get started instantly and grow quickly.

Increase your Business Productivity

Every business small, medium, or large has one single goal and that is to make profits. Every action or strategy used in the organization circles this single goal. Therefore, it is wise to accept solutions that enhance your business productivity and profitability. Moving to the clouds is one of the best ways to accomplish success. You must be wondering how cloud computing enhances productivity.

Cloud improves Business Productivity in Six Ways:

1. Stay Connected 

Cloud allows every employee to stay connected with the office base, from everywhere, anywhere and on any device like Smartphones, tablets, or laptops. They just need an internet connection to access all the vital business documentations and applications necessary to stay productive.

2. Work Remotely 

Employees can efficiently work from their homes. With the virtual desktops and cloud, employees can easily get everything they would have had in the office. Such flexibility helps to enhance employee satisfaction and in turn business productivity.

3. No Maintenance 

Cloud network providers proactively maintain, monitor, and upgrade your installed applications and programs. This allows you and your staff to concentrate on your business.

4. Get Started Instantly

If any disaster like fire or flood strikes, you are reassured that your business data is stored safely on a remote network. This helps to have an access to data without wasting your time. Thus, there is zero loss in productivity.

5. Employee Recruiting or Relocating

Clouds allow work to be done remotely very easily, so now you can efficiently recruit top talent living in another country. Even in case your best employee is relocating there will be no issue. Cloud computing has no geographical boundaries.

6. Flexibility 

Clouds offer you more flexibility, which is impossible with an on-site solution. You can easily adapt to changes in the business world and rapidly respond to the new market trends thus increasing business output.

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