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A cellular phone or mobile phone is an instrument can connect with people thereby making and receiving calls by the time one moves in wide geographical premises. It does so by establishing a relationship with cellular network and public telephone network.

Earlier Nokia was the only prime market dealer. Somehow, since there has been competition with Asia pacific, some other brands have emerged as foes such as Micromax, I-mobile and Samsung. Android featuring Smartphones also captured the market at the cost of nokia.


Mobile phones are used for number of different tasks, including establishing a connection with the loved ones as well as the needed ones. Nowadays cell phone has gained a very important part in the lives of people. Mobile phones have become a part of the daily routine. Absence of mobile phones can now cause a lot of troubles to the people as many important financial as well as non-financial matters are discussed over the mobile phones. Some people also carry more than one mobile phone for various purposes like personal use and official use. Dual sim or triple sim mobile phones are also available nowadays to suit the purpose.

A study recently revealed that out of every ten people one member keeps a clandestine phone from the family members. These phones may be used to meet some personal ends. Even the television industry has begun to comprehend the degree of mobile phone importance. A recent study revealed that 86% of people in America watch live television in their mobile phones only.

The increase craze for mobile phones has also given a boost to the technology industries. The past two decades have witnessed a tremendous fall in the price of mobile phones and extensive increase in the features of these cellular phones.

Gadgets are also gaining a lot of importance these days. The word “gadget” is associated in the 19th century. Gadgets no doubt make several things much more capable. Electronic gadgets are responsible for the 15percent of total electricity consumptions in households as per reports of international energy agency.

Electronic gadgets have witnessed a revolution, in the past decade. In past, gadgets could be only used for the purposes for which they were mending. For example mobile phones called people and television broadcasted shows respectively. But for now, gadgets are mending for multipurpose uses. Mobile phones do the work of a computer now. Television has been given a makeover entirely. It can be used for watching movies in a pen drive, and much more.

Android enabled Smartphones, tablets, computes all have added to the glory of human lives. These devices have eliminated the need of work places. People nowadays opt for internet businesses which involves a very low cost of starting up a business.

Electronic gadgets are basically designed to enhance the efficiency of people thereby saving time. Though these gadgets save time but many times it is noticed that the free time given by the gadget is consumed by the gadget itself! The unending entertaining features lead to mesmerize its users.

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