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So finally, you decided that it’s time to be involved in the world and get a broadband internet connection. Nope, you are no longer the odd one out who doesn’t have Internet connection at home. You can now surf the internet 24/7 at your own convenience. You can finally download the songs and videos you’ve been watching for months now. You can catch up on pod casts. And yes, you can finally join that online forum where you can meet new people who share the same interest and passion as you do. But there are several problems that you may encounter with your broadband. These problems need to be addressed properly to enable you to continue your new-found hobby. Here are two of the common problems and how to easily solve them:


A. Poor Signal

This is can be very frustrating. You’re already there, and all you have to do is access your account– but you can’t! And you see the signal which is not even at par with what you need to be able to access without glitches. So what would you have to do? Here are some of the things that you can:

If your cable modem often reboots or restarts, you should check to see if your signal indicator is strong. This signal indicator is very visible, and when you see it, you will be sure that it’s the one. No need for a math genius to figure it out. Now, if that signal seems good, some electronic signal from mobile phones and other nearby devices may be the ones interfering with the signal. Be sure to check your mobile phones and if you don’t need them beside the computer, better keep it in a safe place first, then observe. If there are no improvements, then you should probably call your broadband provider already.

Pause for a while, and look behind your cable or DSL modem. You have to check here if the cable connections have worked themselves loose or if they have come off completely. Also, make sure that the connections are not damaged in any way.

Your modem is connected to an Ethernet card which will be the one to receive and send away the signals to the computer. You have to look at the rear of the card. By doing so, make sure to inspect if the green indicator is on. If you cannot see a green indicator, then, there must be a problem with the card installation. This may also indicate that the card may be defective. Again, contact your internet provider and ask them to check on this.

B. Your Internet Browser Displays One Of The Following Messages:

Internet Explorer Cannot Display a Webpage

Work Offline: No Connection to the Internet is currently available.

Not Connected: You are currently not connected to any networks.

In resolving any of these, it would be best to check first, on the signal of your Internet Connection. If the signal does not seem to be the problem, then, make sure to read more about your browser’s information guide which is normally available upon the purchase of the software.

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