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Company Registration For Business In Hong Kong

Forming a company in Hong Kong is a highly lucrative business decision in more ways than one. It is therefore no surprise that many companies from other parts of the world are now looking to hire the company registration Hong Kong services that can in turn offer them the opportunity to reap rich rewards from it. Hong Kong has some of the best infrastructure in the world that supports business activities and its stable political system together with easy taxing laws make it an excellent place to carry out business operations. Moreover, it also allows international businesses with the opportunity to enter the Chinese market. Hence for any company looking to find the right business expansion platform in Asia, setting up company in Hong Kong is the best choice.

Registering a company in Hong Kong involves an array of legal paperwork that is best handled by a firm that is dedicated to offer business consultancy services. There are many companies that offer reliable Hong Kong company registration services to business houses looking to expand in the Asian region. These firms can not only explain the whole legal process to the client but also offer valuable legal counsel in various related matters.

The company registration Hong Kong process involves a 2-fold procedure, i.e. (i) company name approval; (ii) application for company registration.

Company Name Approval

You have to choose a company name that is approved by the authorities before you go ahead and apply for registration. Here are the rules of choosing a company name:

  • The company name can be chosen in Chinese or English or you can actually propose both Chinese and English names for your company. However, it cannot have a combination of English words or letters and Chinese characters.

  • The English name needs to end with word “Limited”. A Chinese name should include equivalent Chinese characters.

  • For a Chinese company name, only the “New Sai Ming” font should be used. It includes traditional Chinese characters that are used in ISO 10646 standard international coding parameters.

Company Registration

Finally, in order to get your company registered you will need to present certain documents such as Incorporation Form and a copy of passport, document for foreign address as well as proof for all foreign directors and shareholders. The other important document that is required is the Certificate of Incorporation of Parent Company when corporate shareholders and directors are involved.


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