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All You Need To Know About Rising Main

A rising main is a vertical pipe that connects the ground water source and the main water supply connection of a building. It ensures that proper water pressure is maintained so that the water rises from the ground up the building without any interruption. Since pressured water goes through this pipe, it is absolutely necessary that it should be made out high quality hard and rust resistant material so that it can withstand the pressure. If a low quality rising main is used, it could burst open with the high water pressure.

Seek the guidance of professional contractors as they will be able to guide you in selecting a high quality rising main that is made of hard and rust resistant material. In order to provide a strong fixing, steel couplings are used so that a powerful effect can be given. This is also done to keep away from the damage that arises due to the high force of water.

There are several types of rising mains from which you can choose from, based on your requirements. You can also consult a contractor as they can help you with better advice and make sure you go for the right installation. So here is more information about the types of rising main.

There are basically two broad categories of rising main, one is the dry riser and the other is a wet one. The features of both of them are different and so is their utility. Before choosing any one of the options, you must be well versed with what these risers are and how they can make a difference.

Dry Rising Main

The very first in our list is the dry rising main wherein the inlet is kept empty. If you wish to get a line of hose installed later, then this one is a good choice for you. This type of rising main has ground inlets that help to  provide a constant water pressure and complete protection from water damage. This is the primary reason why it is widely used by many. In the case of a leakage as well, the rising main can prove to be a fruitful choice thus putting an end to all your worries. Owing to these features, the dry rising main is a superb choice and cost effective too.

Wet Rising Main

The next on our list is the wet rising main, wherein the inlet is always kept filled with water so that it can be used whenever required. It has a control valve which is then connected to the water supply which helps to use the water on demand easily. However, in scenarios where the building is really high this type of rising main may not come in handy, since the pressure is not sufficient to reach certain heights. In such cases, booster pumps are used so that adequate amount of water pressure can be achieved.

Apart from the above two options, you also have a third choice which is called the down comer. It is very similar to the wet riser but with a few differences, one being that it has a vertical piping that helps to send water from an overhead tank to the ground level.

Keep these three rising main types and their features in mind when deciding to install a rising main and opt for one that meets your requirements. Additionally, get in touch with a professional consultant to get expert advice and complete assistance that you have been looking for, and make a wise choice in selecting a rising main.


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