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When you freelance or operate a small business, you quickly understand the importance of getting paid what you are owed in a timely fashion. Chances are, you are already juggling countless things when running the business, and while invoicing is incredibly important, it can get pushed down or forgotten under the weight of other tasks. Hiring someone to take care of the invoicing would be great, but it’s a job position that isn’t in the budget for a lot of folks. What if the invoicing took care of itself? How much time and money would that save you? We are guessing a lot, and there is now a way to get the help you need for a ridiculously small investment.

BILLIVING is a paperless invoice generator that does a whole lot more than just help you create a nice looking invoice for your clients. It’s an amazing little tool that performs tasks that will make you feel as though you have a full-time employee working in your invoice department. There are a number of different features that come with the program, as well as 3 different levels, each of which is suited to a particular type of business. A freelancer who works on their own may well get by with the free version, whereas a thriving small business may opt for the feature loaded Ultimate edition, which comes in at just $10 per month. It’s all a matter of scanning the features to see what you need, and then getting the right edition for you based on that.

So what sort of features are we talking about here, and how can an invoice generator help your business? It all starts with choosing one of the invoice styles from the template gallery, which you can then brand with your own business name and logo. That’s all pretty basic, but once set-up, you can then start looking at the features that will be time and money savers. You can create invoices quickly, but you can also create purchase orders and estimates, both of which can automatically be converted to invoices once the client approves.

The invoices can be sent out via e-mail, and you can track them to see which have been viewed and paid. You can also add a discount for early payment, and the invoice will change the percentage that the client can save with each passing day. The software will also automatically send frequent reminders so that you can focus on other things besides chasing down payments. The software can handle recurring invoices, and also allows the client to be able to pay directly via PayPal or, which is the payment method used by many smaller businesses nowadays.

The features mentioned above would already save you a lot of time and hassle, but that’s just scratching the surface of what this invoice generator can do. If you are constantly seeing payments missed or losing track of invoices, it’s time you went to an affordable, automatic solution.


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