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The traditional approach to storage is via a file system which is organized in a hierarchy. Every file has a title and a location which shows exactly where it is within your hard drive or server. This means that you can easily identify a file, access it, edit it and resave it. There is no need to adjust any other part of your system. In contrast the storage system which is starting to become more popular is known as object storage. In this type of system the information is saved as part of an object; this is given a Meta description which can be as detailed as you like and will help you to identify the file in the future. There are several suppliers who offer this kind of storage solution; Formation Data Systems is one firm which now provides its own platform to help you store and control your data. They are known as an alternative storage vendor but are actually part of a trend which is becoming increasingly popular. Instead of being stored in a tree like structure, all objects are stored in a common ‘bin’. This means that they can be saved on your local hard drive, or, they can be saved into the cloud and accessed anywhere you are in the world.

There are some distinct advantages to using alternate storage vendors and adding a data storage platform to your current business structure. These include the ability to store large amounts of data with very specific names on each part of the data. It is a very adaptable system and allows for the storage of huge amounts of data on the cloud. This means that the information can be accessed from any location around the world without the need for expensive software to be added to any of your computers.

Companies such as the one listed above are considered to be alternative storage vendors simply because they offer a different approach to storage. By visiting their site you will be able to assess the service they offer and see how it can be applied to your business. The platform which they offer is designed to create a virtual storage facility and an improvement in how easily you can access and control the data stored. One feature which is exceptionally beneficial is the fact that every time data is requested a copy of the relevant file is sent. This ensures that the origin data remain safe as it is securely protected in the main location; helping to provide both a back-up point if necessary and peace of mind that your data is safe.

An addition to this feature is called Timeline, in essence it allows a snapshot of your data to be taken and this provides a restore point should it be needed in the future. You can create a snapshot of your data whenever you need to assess the information saved; you can also delete this information and even duplicate the data when needed.

There are a huge amount of features being offered by this alternative storage vendor and it is worth considering by any business.


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