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Since 1993, Four Hound Solutions mission was to provide customers with a balance between experienced engineers, software specialists and top-level support personnel for the integration of complete test solutions designed to provide cost-effective yet optimal performance. Founded by experienced engineers and support personnel, the goal has always been to provide the expertise necessary for customers to view Four Hound’s personnel as an extension of their own staff so that test plans, system designs and programming technologies can be implemented smoothly and with minimal intrusion.

Design-Test Services, Test System Software, Test Fixture Design and More

Extensive Experience

Because of the extensive experience of Four Hound staff, they are able to get customers up and running quickly and efficiently using the most up-to-date Automated Test Equipment (ATE) available. At Four Hounds, customers are not sent just one or two employees to provide service, but instead an entire team is devoted to the needs of the customer. But it goes beyond the team approach, as at the kick-off meeting before testing begins, an organizational chart is presented to the customer so that they know the responsibilities of each team member and how the process works together to achieve the goals they expect.

Communication is Key

Four Hounds knows that for proper ATE to work, constant communication is critical, which is why everything is documented to the smallest detail. From the initial design to the final test, every facet of the project is tracked so that when unexpected events occur, appropriate action may be taken and there are no surprises for anyone involved. Ongoing evaluation allows for adjustments throughout the project to eliminate delays of the final product, eliminate issues with schedules or timelines and keep costs as low as possible.

Services Offered

Four Hound offers a wide range of design-test services, test system software, test fixture design and more. Some of the features of each service include:

Design-Test Services – Includes build-to-print or design systems, engineering and test program set design, software application programming, on-site training and programming, along with many other services. Their technical personnel support the design and also provide training for their complete, configuration controlled design packages.
Test System Software – Clients have total freedom to choose any major software platform and any major test solution that best suit their needs. In addition, clients may choose any major software language, database program, tools necessary for the test environment or any software vendor which allows the client to have a test system that meets their needs and not the needs of an unknown software engineer.
Test Fixture Design – The expert engineers at Four Hounds use a variety of CAD development software so that they may deliver 2-D, 3-D, IGES, DWG and DXF formats depending on what the customer needs. Fixture design considers all relevant factors regarding the test including cost, targeted volume production rates and more to be sure that the test phase will work as close as possible to the actual production.


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